Whole Foods Raises More Than $10,000 for People's Resource Center

PRC receives more than $10,000 from Whole Foods.

Whole Foods presented a check for $10,348.92 to People’s Resource Center (PRC) on Valentine’s Day at Whole Foods located at 151 Rice Lake Square, Wheaton.
The store raised funds through two programs: Bag Hunger program and One Dime at a Time. Every time a customer brought his or her own reusable bags, Whole Foods Market gave a refund of 10 cents per bag. The customer could then donate that dime to a designated local charity. In addition, Whole Foods’ personnel asked for cash donations as well as non-perishable food for the PRC food pantry.
To thank the store, staff members from PRC gave out valentines on Tuesday, Feb. 14, to Whole Foods customers.
“We are so grateful to Whole Foods and its customers,” said Kim Perez, PRC executive director. “The store’s partnership in our community work is helping us to keep up with the growing challenges faced by our neighbors.”
“PRC is near and dear to our hearts,” said Carrie McKenzie-Bush, Marketing and Community Relations of Whole Foods. “It benefits so many peoples’ lives in the community in which we work and live. Our shoppers are passionate about PRC’s cause, and it showed in our fundraising efforts.”
Since 1975, People’s Resource Center has been bringing neighbors together to respond to hunger and poverty in DuPage County. With a team of over 1,000 volunteers, we offer nutritious food and other basic necessities like clothes and rent assistance for people facing tough times.  And we connect people with resources—education and tutoring, jobs, technology, art, a caring community—to create a future of hope and opportunity for all.

Albert Gazalooch February 16, 2012 at 03:32 AM
Like it or not, Whole Foods gets their donation money from your paying inflated prices for their overpriced merchandise. They get the tax write off, you don'! You become an involuntary donor to their favorite charities and the free publicity that comes with it. Stop falling for their "healthy" eating scam! Their junk has just as much trans fat, sugar and high sodium as the mainstream food retailers. Trendy organic health food freaks who have money to burn can shop there to all they want. You can live just as healthy with traditional foods. There's no credible proof that you will live longer or healthier by eating organically grown foods. Shop mainline grocers and donate to your local food pantry where YOU get the charitable contribution deduction not "Big Food"!


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