Blankets Created by Loving Hands Provide Critter Comfort for Thousands of Homeless Pets

Can you help by providing some yarn or fleece to keep the production going?

Ward Witt of Dire Straits Animal Shelter loves his blankie. (Credit: Linda Kastiel Kozlowski)
Ward Witt of Dire Straits Animal Shelter loves his blankie. (Credit: Linda Kastiel Kozlowski)

When Comfort for Critters launched in Glen Ellyn back in 2007, its founder never imagined the initiative would eventually help more than 15,000 homeless pets. 

Comfort for Critters is an all-volunteer program that creates hand-made blankets for pets living in animal shelters. It all began when founder Linda Kastiel Kozlowski adopted Anna from DuPage Animal Shelter in Wheaton. She began making blankets for all the kittens she couldn't take home. The company formalized as a nonprofit two years later.

While these pets await adoption, the blankets provide a comfortable bed year-round. When they are adopted, their blanket goes with them so they have something familiar as they adjust to their forever family. 

And it's not just cats and dogs that benefit. Rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, Fennec foxes and other critters also are comforted by the blankets, which are shipped to more than 50 animal shelters in Illinois and 30 more in surrounding states. 

“We’ll ship over 3,000 blankets this year alone, which to me is still just amazing,” Kastiel Kozlowski said. “It’s all due to our wonderful group of dedicated volunteers. These are busy people who love animals. They take the time and use their talents to help pets they’ll never meet.”

Comfort for Critters also works with local retirement homes and facilities for disabled adults. Comfort for Critters provides them with free yarn to make the blankets, then picks them up for distribution.

“We have many volunteers, but always welcome more,” says Kastiel Kozlowski. “What we’re constantly in need of though is yarn and fleece. We can never have enough, and never waste a bit!” 

Would you like to help Comfort for Critters continue its work? The organization is in dire need of more materials—specifically yarn and fleece. Visit www.ComfortForCritters.org, or email info@comfortforcritters.org.


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