Health Department: Tips to Stay Cool, Safe in Heat Wave

DuPage Health Department urges residents to stay safe in the heat wave.

With temperatures at dangerously high levels today and Friday, the urges residents to take precautions during the current heat wave.

The National Weather Service predicts temperatures as high as 102 Friday, with a heat index of up to 111.

Drinking water often, taking breaks and limiting time in the heat can help prevent heat illness. The effects of extreme heat conditions on the human body can be dangerous.
Follow these Health Department tips to avoid heat-related illnesses:

  • Always wear light-weight clothing that has plenty of ventilation – the fabric should “breathe.” Stay well hydrated; always ensure you consume an abundance of liquids in the summer.
  •  Exercise or schedule other strenuous activities when the heat and humidity are lowest, usually early morning and late evenings.
  • Rest in cool, shady places frequently. If you’re hot, go cool down – get indoors, drink cool liquids, enjoy the air conditioning for a few minutes, or take a cold shower
  • Eat light, heart-healthy foods to replace minerals and nutrients that may be lost. Give your heart a little extra break during the summer months with a healthy diet.
  • Watch out for those at greatest risk such as very young children, the elderly, persons who may have health conditions. Certain medications may put you at greater risk of heat-related illnesses so be aware of how medications may interact with the heat.

Visit the Health Department’s website, www.dupagehealth.org, for information on DuPage County Cooling Centers.
For more information on the DuPage County Health Department, follow us on Twitter @DuPageHD or become a fan on Facebook.


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