Whiz Kid: Gregory Bogdanski

Patch features superstars in the area.

Name: Gregory Bogdanski

Age: 13


Key to Awesomeness:

Gregory Bogdanski started playing baseball and basketball through the park district at age five. In third grade, he decided to try football and he liked it. In fifth grade, he tried out cross-country and track and he liked them too. Now, in seventh grade, he competes in: basketball, football, baseball, cross-country and track. Bogdanski has much more to offer than athletic ability, he is an outstanding student, a leader and enjoys helping others.

Bogdanski is involved with Faith in Action at St. Michael. This group does activities to help people in need, such as serving at soup kitchens. One of Bogdanski’s current goals is to become more involved with Faith in Action activities.

“God has given me so many blessings…I want to help those who don’t have as much as I have. I feel happy when I’m helping others and feel that I’m doing what I’m supposed to do and that God has a smile on His face,” Bogdanski said.

Bogdanski is proud that he’s taking all the “A classes” at school – meaning the most challenging classes. He is focused and knows that studying comes before sports. Dawn Bogdanski, Gregory’s mom, said “It seems the busier he is, the better he does in school. We’ve never had a problem and school has always come first.”

Bogdanski credits his basketball coach for inspiring him to “Be the best I can in everything I do.” In addition to playing basketball for St. Michael, Bogdanski has played on a year-round traveling basketball team for four years.

Bogdanski doesn’t begin a game hoping to score a certain number of points. Instead, he said, “I try to play my best and whatever happens I’m ok with that.” Bogdanski is also a team leader and encourages his teammates to “keep on trying and to get them next time.”

“Gregory’s involvement in sports has been a little overwhelming at times,” Dawn Bogdanski said. “His dad and I have watched more sports since he’s been born than in our entire lives. We’ve been very lucky – Gregory has had great coaches who have built his ability and character.”

Through proud tears, Dawn Bogdanski said, “Gregory is an overall great kid. His dad and I feel very lucky. He just gets life and what is important. He knows where he wants to go and he’ll try whatever it takes to get that accomplished.”


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