District 200 Proposes Two Options for Jefferson Early Childhood Center

District 200 board members have two ideas for the future of Jefferson Early Childhood Center.

A District 200 capital development committee has determined capital development needs in the district, with Jefferson topping the list as the facility most in need of renovation.

At a May board meeting, district staff, board members and representatives from Legat Architects discussed two $29 million options to rebuild Jefferson, the district's School Services Center ( and rehab, or sell, Woodland School, a district storage facility in Warrenville.

Legat representative Patrick Brosnan presented the following options to the board:

  • Option one: All facilities would remain at their current locations. The district would build a new Jefferson Early Childhood Center (ECC), the SSC would be expanded for a larger board room and additional storage. Woodland would be expanded for vehicle and technology storage.
  • Option two: Combines the SSC and the new Jefferson ECC in one building on the Jefferson property, with one wing of district offices on a second floor. The current SSC building would be expanded for vehicle maintenance and storage, and the district would sell Woodland School.
  • Or, the board could go with something totally different, based on community feedback.

Brosnan introduced in October. Two board members who served on a subcommittee on the project recommended option "two" to the board.

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