What Are District 200 Schools' Capital Development Needs?

See what District 200 needs to do to improve its buildings, broken down by cost and school.

As the District 200 board of education makes plans to rebuild Jefferson Early Childhood Center, staff and officials will consider other needs in the district they've identified. 

The State of Illinois last spring paid the district $14.4 million for capital development projects. The district has $11.9 remaining to address its needs after spending more than $2 million on a technology lease.

Here are the needs at District 200 schools, from the highest to lowest costs.

Wheaton Warrenville South High School: $1,753,908

Needs: Walk path (faculty lot to baseball field), walk path from tennis court, asphalt drive (circle drive, northeast, Tiger Trail), stadium grandstand repairs, baseball press box

Johnson Elementary School: $1,710,070 

Needs: Fire suppression/sprinkler system, fire alarm system, fencing chain link, asphalt (south, east, north, west)

Franklin Middle School: $1,265,962

Needs: Exterior door hardware (lock, closer, re-key), interior doors and hardware, concrete walks, fencing chain link (north and south), asphalt drives

Bower Elementary School: $899,035

Needs: Exterior lighting pole, electrical outlets, fire suppression/sprinkler system (no existing), fire alarm system, concrete walks, asphalt drives path

Wheaton North High School: $872,000

Needs: Exterior doors, interior classroom door with hardware, interior door hardware (lock, closer, re-key), courtyard sidewalk (remove/replace original courtyard and 2006 courtyard), tennis court replacement

Lowell Elementary School: $844,582

Needs: Fire suppression/sprinkler system, fire alarm system, concrete walks, Door, asphalt drives, asphalt play area

Wiesbrook Elementary School: $200,898

Needs: Exterior lighting pole, fire alarm system

Hawthorne Elementary School: $199,873

Needs: Concrete walks, asphalt (north parking)

Lincoln Elementary School: $182,410

Needs: Exterior lighting pole, electrical outlets, concrete walks

Sandburg Elementary School: $157,144

Needs: Exterior lighting pole, concrete walks (west, north), asphalt walks 

Whittier Elementary School: $118,567

Needs: Concrete walks, asphalt (north play area)

Edison Middle School: $83,656

Needs: Fencing chain link, asphalt drives path

Emerson Elementary School: $66,555

Needs: Asphalt drives path

Madison Elementary School: $29,580

Needs: Concrete (door 11), concrete south of classroom doors, treated wood (west stairs)

Monroe Middle School: $8,997

Needs: Concrete walks

The facilities not listed include: Longfellow Elementary School (no needs), Hubble Middle School (no needs), Woodland Elementary School and the School Services Center.


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