Video: North's Marching Panthers Parade in Disney World

The Glenbard North band parades down Main Street USA in Florida Disney World's Magic Kingdom. (You can see Cinderella Castle in the distance!)

We found this on YouTube—it looks like the Glenbard North Marching Panthers (a whole lot of them!) recently took a trip to Florida and Disney World, where they marched and played down the fabled Main Street U.S.A. in front of Cinderella Castle and a whole bunch of happy-looking tourists on Saturday.

Thanks to YouTube user ljharris509, who recorded two clips of the parade: one of the bulk of the parade, and another of the very end as the band marches off.

"Lots of preparation, and it goes by quick. Wow," someone can be heard saying in the background near the end of the second video.

"They sounded great, though," someone else says, and the first agrees: "It's a memory for a lifetime."

Check them out above!


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