This Week's Senior: Jamison Shimmel

Jamison Shimmel is a senior at Wheaton North High School. He loves the stage and is active in theater productions and Show Choir. He will attend Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, Georgia in the fall.

Jamison Shimmel is a senior at Wheaton North High School. He has been inspired by his teachers so much that he hopes to someday come back and teach there himself. He loves being involved in theater productions, and is even the lead in this year’s musical. Shimmel is also involved in Show Choir, Spanish Honors Society, and Flock at Wheaton North. He has worked as a waiter at Windsor Park Manor for over two years and is a volunteer for Feed My Starving Children. Shimmel is very involved at his church, participating in Worship Team, Youth Group, and Vacation Bible School in the summer. He will attend Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, Georgia in the fall. He plans on majoring in Spanish and Secondary Education.

Wheaton Patch: Why did you choose this college?

Jamison Shimmel: I chose [Covenant College] for their well-rated education program, but my decision was based foremost on the fact that I wanted a Christian College, and Covenant was one of the few that truly came with a Christian outlook on both their mission statement and teaching methods.

Patch: What is your favorite memory from this year so far?

Shimmel: This year definitely was getting the lead in the musical, and going to homecoming with my best friend, Kaity Coyle.

Patch: What’s your favorite memory from all of high school?

Shimmel: Junior year Prom with the "Fantastic 4!"

Patch: What is the best thing about being a senior?

Shimmel: The best part about being a senior is that the teachers understand that you are ready to go, and they treat you like adults. We definitely have way more freedom this year.

Patch: What will you miss about high school?

Shimmel: I am going to miss the teachers that I’ve loved having and the friends I’ve made.

Patch: What won’t you miss about high school?

Shimmel: The cameras in our halls!

Patch: What are your summer plans?

Shimmel: I am going to New York for a bit. I’ll be working every day, and hopefully hosting a friend from Spain. And of course, [I will be] getting ready for college.

Patch: What is your favorite activity/club/sport that you participate in?

Shimmel: The musicals. All the shows I have been a part of have been fantastic and a lot of fun.  This year especially, being Horton in Seussical, has been an incredible experience that I am so grateful to have had.

Patch: What is your advice for the next senior class?

Shimmel: Enjoy this year, it is going to fly by! And definitely get to know the teachers you like.

Patch: Where do you see yourself in 10 years

Shimmel: Hopefully teaching at Wheaton North, raising a family, and doing whatever God wants me to do.

Patch: What will you miss most about Wheaton

Shimmel: I will miss seeing a church on every street corner. But for real, it’s been a huge blessing to be raised in such a Christian community. More than I realize, I’m sure. I’m definitely going to miss too!

Patch: “When I visit home, the first thing I’ll do is...”

Shimmel: Go to Los Burritos, after giving my mom a hug of course.

Patch: What song will always remind you of your senior year?

Shimmel: “Dynamite” by Taio Cruz or “Shark In the Water” by VV Brown

Patch: What is your favorite Wheaton hang-out?

Shimmel: Most definitely the on Geneva.

Patch: Favorite lunch item?

Shimmel: Whatever I steal from my friends!

Patch: Favorite class you’ve taken so far?

Shimmel: Mrs. Blazier’s junior English class; she was a phenomenal teacher and the group of students was perfect.

Patch: How do you plan on keeping in touch with your high school friends?

Shimmel: Facebook, Skype, snail mail, you name it I’ll use it!

Patch: What is your goal for the end of the year? What do you hope to accomplish before graduation?

Shimmel: Rereading the Harry Potter series and scootering to school are just some of the items I have on my bucket list!


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