Sunshine Review Gives District 200 'A+' for Transparency

Sunshine Review rating of District 200 website looks at quality of information provided to the public related to taxes, budget, meetings, officials and more.

Community Unit School District 200 earned an “A+” by the Sunshine Review following the release of its 2013 Transparency Report Card, District 200 announced last week.

The award, which recognizes the more transparent government websites in America, includes every state, the largest counties in each state, cities and school districts.

Websites were graded “A+” to “F” measuring available content against a checklist of information that all governments should provide citizens in keeping them better informed. The checklist included information related to taxes, budget, meetings, elected officials, administrative officials, contracts, audits, public records, academics and background checks. According to a District 200 release, 20 percent of school districts scored a “B” or above.

The District 200 website was evaluated Jan. 18, according to the Sunshine Review report. Aspects of the site that helped the rating included the posting of meeting protocols, notices, minutes and highlights, the published budget and annual financial audit and academic performance information.

The Sunshine Review is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to state and local government transparency, engaging citizens, and holding government officials accountable. Editors reviewed more than 6,000 state and local government websites using a 10-point Transparency Checklist.

See the District 200 standings here.


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