Share Your Thoughts: District 87 Candidates Divided Over Lights at Memorial Field

Here's an interesting story on Triblocal that sheds some light on how District 87 candidates would vote on the issue.

Triblocal has posted an interesting story on how candidates for the District 87 Board of Education feel about the issue of adding lights at Memorial Field. I think it sheds some light (pardon the pun) on how each would possibly vote on the issue.

We know this is a topic the community has been closely following on both sides of the debate. Based on their answers, will this influence how you will vote? How do you feel about waiting a year to vote on the whether to send a variance request to the Village? 

Read the story here at Triblocal

jim campbell March 23, 2011 at 03:07 PM
Living just south of the underpass, I'm hard-pressed to recall any notice being sent about a lighting/PA system at the new field. Being in earshot, I certainly would have noticed a message about a sound system. An ad hoc group is advocating a solution. The group's argument is that lights may cause a hazard to the area's already busy and somewhat confusing traffic pattern. Perhaps the district already ran those tests before assuming they could put lights in. If they have not and the tests suggest that it's a traffic hazard, the point is moot. Additionally, I believe residents are protected by the Village's lighting code regarding light pollution affecting their property. The PA seems inappropriate and unnecessary for practice. Yet the District may rent the space to organizations to help recoup costs of building the field. The organizations will be allowed to affect more neighborhoods with PA broadcasts, as sound travels much father than downward facing lighting. I believe the village has sound ordinances, otherwise one could play loud music over a PA in one's backyard for hours on end. This issue (and my votes) comes down to neighborliness. I hope that all GE residents refrain from affecting their neighbors from offensive and possibly dangerous lighting & sound. I also hope that the District 87 board/GW are those type neighbors. If they are not, I'll expect the village to protect the hundreds, perhaps thousands of neighbors affected by the lights & sounds from the new area.
jim curtis April 04, 2011 at 02:21 PM
Lets move into the 21st century please ! Almost every other school in our conference has artificial turf and lights. It does not cause major traffic jams or horrible safety issues. This is mainly the complaint from people who own houses close to the school , probably do not have kids at GW, but want a cozy quiet neighborhood. Seems like something you should have thought about before buying your home near a high school. Just like buying a home next to railroad tracks and then complaining of train noise ! I would be for a whole town vote on this issue instead of the vote being influenced by just a handful of people with an agenda other than the good of the school and our kids. Are you willing to take that chance naysayers ?
jim campbell April 05, 2011 at 04:58 AM
Your analogy is flawed. It's not "Just like buying a home next to railroad tracks and then complaining of train noise ! " [sic] Here's an example of how it could flawed: Say GE wants to build a Great America-like amusement park in town. Sure, it would be good for its economy, maybe even bring it into the the 21st century (a VERY subjective term, valid only to the person making the remark -- who's to say building a sports field is taking GE into the new century -- a handful of GW athletes, staff, parents of athletes? Personally, I think spending more on academics vs. athletes is taking us further into the 21st century. Who's right, you or me? Gee, now we have a debate.). But who would want a Great America in their backyard? It seems to me that the folks who live nearby Memorial Park (btw, I remember when it really was a quaint and quiet Memorial Park, with tanks, cannons, and war memorials stuff -- even a lawn bowling area for the old men in town) didn't move there to be next to GW's playing field, complete with PA system blaring until 10:00 p.m. It was supposed to be down by the lake. But the folks near the lake used their lobbying power to nix the artificial turf there, citing the possibility of another 100-year flood could ruin it (questionable). The folks next to Memorial park already live near a train track. They're not complaining about train sounds. They're only asking for due process and to be heard. They deserve that. I, for one, am glad to see they're getting it.
jim campbell April 05, 2011 at 02:07 PM
I realize I didn't answer your question. A village-wide vote would be interesting. Especially since so many citizens (including those pesky folks w/o GW students or athletes) are curious about this over-budget project and how it may affect them. And therein lies the rub: If an organization can be so far off budget on a project, why should that entity be trusted to get the lights and sound phase correct? I think this is what the "naysayers" are asking. This next phase impacts many citizens. Citizens who have every right to get the facts straight. Right now the facts are somewhat jumbled. The entity that built this field, and its supporters, are required to get their story right and make sure they follow the laws and codes of the village as well as be good neighbors. And based on past performance on this project, some folks may not be so sure they will do that. So let's all just talk facts. Hyperbole and name calling won't help solve and/or end this
Ginger W April 05, 2011 at 02:08 PM
you can watch video of the candidates at the LWV candidate forum at this link: http://lwvge.org/pages/2011CandidateForum.html


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