Letter to the Editor: Veteran Thanks Longfellow for the 'Best Veterans Day Ceremony'

Wheaton native and Marine Corps veteran Cathy Godfrey thanks Longfellow Elementary for a special Veterans Day ceremony.


As a Marine Corps veteran I accepted an invitation last Friday, November 11th, from fifth grader Will Richards to attend the Veteran’s Day as his special guest. I’d been invited in the past by its organizer, Barb Williams, but always seemed to have another place to go. When I arrived I was amazed at what the students had prepared: special veterans parking, door openers and greeters, flags and other patriotic decorations everywhere, letters to veterans at each place on every table, a lovely breakfast, 40 or so veterans, family members and friends, the Mayor, Michael Gresk and everyone very thankful and appreciative.

The assembly in the gym was superb with each class performing a song, poem or skit. My favorite was when the kids told a personal story about being the grandson or daughter or friend of a veteran and what that person did in the military. Several stories brought me to tears. It was a WOW day and a perfect way to teach our children about the true meaning of Veteran’s Day. Each veteran’s name, rank and service was announced and their sponsor proudly walked to the front, took a rose and presented it to their veteran guest. I am the daughter of a veteran, the wife of a veteran, the mother of a veteran, the sister of a veteran... and I am a veteran and proud to have a fifth grade friend invite me to a special veterans ceremony!

Thank you Will and all the staff and students at Longfellow School for the best Veteran’s Day ceremony I’ve ever attended. 

Cathy Godfrey 


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