Election 2013: Kyle Nenninger

Kyle Nenningeris one of nine candidates running for the District 200 Board of Education in the 2013 election.

Kyle Nenninger is one of nine candidates running for the Community Unit School District 200 Board of Education in the 2013 election. Nenninger, 46, is a lawyer and financial advisor to firms in the energy sector. He has a bachelor's degree in history from Arizona State University, a Juris Doctor from the Villanova University School of Law and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Chicago. He lives in Wheaton with his wife, Laura, and four daughters, Kami, 17, Kelly, 14, Kayla, 13 and Kaitlyn, 11.

Name: Kyle Nenninger

Position sought: District 200 Board of Education

Campaign contact information:

Age: 46

Family (name, relationship and age): Wife, Laura; daughters, Kami, 17, Kelly, 14, Kayla, 13, and Kaitlyn, 11

Education (degree and school):

  • B.S. History, Arizona State University;  
  • J.D., Villanova University School of Law; 
  • M.B.A., University of Chicago (concentration in finance)

Occupation: Lawyer and financial advisor to firms in the energy sector

Political party affiliation, if any:

Previous elected offices: None

Applicable experience qualifying you for the position: Legal and financial expertise, current parent of 4 kids attending CUSD 200 schools.

What is the primary reason you are running for this office?

I am running for office because I have four daughters who attend District 200 schools. I care about the students in our District, their schools, and the quality of education they receive. As a taxpayer I also understand the responsibility of the BOE to be financially responsible with taxpayer money. The BOE has lost creditability with the community and I hope to reestablish that trust.

What will be your single most important priority if you get elected?

Transparency will be my most important priority. After seeing the shenanigans that the District tried to pull with the upcoming referendum it has become clear to me that things have gotten out of hand. I don’t expect to agree with every course of action the BOE takes. I do however, expect a clear and transparent explanation of what is going on so that I can express an informed opinion and cast an informed vote. 

What sets you apart from the other candidates?

I am the only candidate: (1) with kids in elementary school, middle school, and high school in the District, who have attended schools on the Northside (Lowell), Southside (Lincoln, Edison, old Hubble, and WWS), and in Warrenville (new Hubble), (2) who has been President of a high school booster club in the District, (3) with both expertise in law and finance who uncovered, and (4) exposed District’s misrepresentations regarding the cost of the referendum.

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How long have you lived in Wheaton? If applicable, how long have you been involved with Wheaton?

My wife and I moved to Wheaton 18 years ago because we wanted to raise our family here and have our kids attend schools within the District.  During those 18 years I’ve coached (head and assistant) over 20 little league teams in t-ball, softball, soccer, basketball, etc. My wife and I have also been active in the schools, including my currently serving as the head of the high school parent association at WWS.

What's your favorite thing about Wheaton?

We moved to Wheaton because we believed it offered all the benefits of a large suburban town with 50,000+ residents yet managed to have a small town feel. That hasn’t changed and that’s a tribute to the people.

What is the biggest problem in Wheaton?

Like any town its size Wheaton has its share of problems that we need to address. However if my wife and I were to go back 18 years and had the choice again about what to raise our family in we’d pick Wheaton in a heart-beat. From a BOE perspective the two biggest issues are: (1) a lack of transparency, and (2) looming pension reforms which will likely shift pension costs to local school districts.

What is your stance on the Jefferson Early Childhood Center Referendum?

I took a tour of Jefferson during school day and in my view the building is not up to CUSD 200 standards. However, in order to analyze whether a tear-down and rebuild (i.e the referendum) makes sense I require: (1) CUSD 200 to clearly communicates the actual cost to voters, which they haven’t done, and (2) a complete understand why less expensive refurbishment options were rejected by the BOE.



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