District 87 Lays Out Plans for High School Transition

Glenbard District 87 Superintendent David Larson shared the district's plan for transitioning students into high school.

In an e-mail to families and community members earlier this week, Glenbard District 87 Superintendent explained how the district will move forward with transitioning students into the high school experience. In the letter, which was e-mailed to the district community Monday afternoon, Larson explained the various opportunities for student enrichment and planning. 

Here is the letter in its entirety.

I remember the painful day back in August of 1973 all too well. My first day in ninth grade, I was trying look right, act normal, fit in and of course, find all my classes. I remember being confused and lost in a big, intimidating building, drawing embarrassing attention to myself by arriving late to a few classes and basically feeling miserable.  

When I reminisce with my colleagues and friends, they share similar stories - having a stressful and anxious experience when they entered ninth grade.

We know that key transitions in life can be difficult, but adolescent psychologists tell us that the transition to ninth grade is one of the most stressful and difficult periods in life. While trying to exude maturity and confidence, 14-year-olds are navigating through developmental changes, friendship issues and working to form their individual identities.

In Glenbard Township High School District 87, we recognize the importance of proactively planning events, activities and processes to support our incoming ninth-graders and their parents during this challenging transition period. These efforts include:

  • 8th grade night for students and parents
  • Summer school bridge classes, which are noncredit courses designed to build academic skills before taking a class as a freshman
  • Summer school enrichment classes
  • Freshman orientation
  • Athletic/activity fair to showcase extracurricular opportunities
  • Guidance counselors working with students to customize their four-year plan

Each of our four comprehensive high schools has a special family culture and atmosphere and each recognizes the importance of reaching out to our incoming freshmen and their parents.   While we know this transition can be challenging, there is strong awareness and support to ensure each freshman in has a great first day! 

David F. Larson, Ed.D.





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