Congratulations to the Wheaton Classes of 2012!

Patch recognizes a couple hundred of the Wheaton seniors for their insane smarts, athletic prowess, exploring their inner do-gooder and everything else that makes us proud. And if we missed someone, it's ridiculously easy to add your superstar.

Today is graduation day in Wheaton. Wheaton North and Wheaton Warrenville South high school graduates of the Class of 2012 will toss up their hats, hug, cry, stir and laugh over memories of high school. 

And if you're just glad that nonsense is finally over and thinking, 'now it's on to the good stuff'—you're not alone, either.

There are so many of you grads, and unfortunately, I can only shout out to a couple hundred seniors that we've recognized in the past year for their impeccable brainpower, their athletic prowess or their impressive humanitarianism. 

So, I hope a few proud parents, siblings, teachers, coaches and friends can add a little something about their superstars in the comments, and add some photos from the day's festivities (click 'Upload Photos and Videos'). 

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What is it about you guys? Thanks for making Wheaton proud, and best of luck.

Congratulations to the Class of 2012!

We'll go in chronological order, from May back to September.

Let's start with Sara Tonne (Wheaton Academy), and Wheaton North seniors Daniel Krc, Jonny Behrens (He was also one of our back in October), and Cole Manschot. They received honors as three of eight of . There are what, 54,000 people here? Five of the eight good citizens were in high school.

Daniel was also one of a group of seniors who led a little for the residents over at Wyndemere.

Tonne volunteered with Puente de Pueblo, a tutoring group for local students. Krc was honored for service activities such as volunteering with Key Club, teaching computer skills to seniors, collecting for the Salvation Army at Christmas and more. Cole Manschot organized food drives that have collected more than 13,000 pounds of food for local families, an ongoing “Food Pantry Fridays” service project and teaching others how to give back.

I also loved hearing about the who committed to playing in college in April.

Mike Swider, Jack Nussbaum, Micah Penn and Christian Hollinger are taking their Falcon talent to Wheaton College.

Coleton Hrgich will play at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Marcin Gawlak will play at St. Joseph's College, Landon Bruni will play at Elmhurst College, Johnny Daniels will play at Western Community College and Luke Walzak will play at Dubuque.

Erik Todd from Wheaton Warrenville South will play on the University of Missouri wheelchair basketball team, after a very successful career with the —making appearances in national championship matches.

Or how about Maddie Baillie? I saw her play as as a junior through aches and pains and she always stood out on Wheaton North's basketball team. Then, this year I hear she came . Maddie will play Missouri Western State in the fall.

Another congratulations to the seniors on the Wheaton gymnastics co-ops who killed the competition in the IHSA playoffs this year. The made it to the finals and the

Now, how about this (here comes a big block of bold text): There were this year.

From :

Daniel Abay, Eric Altimari, Lauren Ambrose, Adam Billingham, Jane Birman, Casey Blair, Sidney Bogue, Emily Bonga, Derek Breese, Mikaela Breese, Sara Bretz, Jessica Bucci, Susan Bywaters, Claire Carden, Szu-Chun Chen, Melissa Clark, Bridget Cullerton, Nicholas Danilovich, Nicholas Decraene, William Dimas, Claier Dresselhaus, Suzanna Duggan, Luke Elliott, Daniel Ericson, Henry Euhus, Katherine Farley, Thomas Favale, Marie Fefferman, Colin Ford, Adam Fox, Shannon Gaetz, Daniel Gonzalez, Marie Gorman, Kelsey Greenagel, Patricia Grzyb, Hannah Halleckson, Kirby Hancock, Sarah Helm, Samuel Hoffman, Christian Hollinger, Amy Hummel, Patrick Impola, Jamie Jacobson, Ryan Jordan, Timothy Krentz, Julia Krisch, Emma Lendy, Megan Liebman, Daniel Loiacono, Audrey Macy, Samuel Mallow, Cole Manschot, Ryan Mathis, Scott Mathis, Nicholas Matosian, Charles McGinnis, Colleen McGivern, Marissa McNerney, Claira Mittman, Brian Moore, Elizabeth Murphy, Zain Nayani, Zachary Neal, Pauline Ngo, Bridget Oslund, Sam Otto, Stephen Papierski, Thomas Parker, Sherya Patel, David Penner, Gareth Phillips, Dakota Quealy, Margaret Quinn, Lilianna Quiroa-Crowell, Kevin Rezabek, Colby Richardson, Mitchell Rogers, David Rudman, Samantha Ruggiero, Amelia Russell, Marissa Russmann, Kevin Salat, Daniel Sales, Hayley Sanzotti, Andrianna Saric, Jake Schieber, Cody Schulz, Colin Sharkey, Kristen Silbert, Mark Skager, Caleb Stair, Samantha Stang, Haley Stolp, Karen Suarez, Cara Switalski, Mariel Tader, Katie Thornton, Trent Tovsen, Anthony Trombetta, Colton Ursiny, Nevin Valker, Matthew Weber, Caroline Wildman, Gabrielle Wojtyna, Kevin Wu, Morgan Youman, Abigail Zamis, Rebecca Zeldenrust, Laura Zillman.

From :

Derek Andersen, Noah Baird, Susan Banaszewski, Brian Barbieri, Victoria Beale, Jonathan Behrens, Sofia Bello, Julia Bergmann, Brittany Boettcher, Alec Brazeau, Laine Bruzek, Ashley Buoy, Daniel Burns, Robert Cavanaugh, Daniel Church, Mark Ciesielski, Bridget Clancy, Anthony Coco, Tyler Cook, Theodore Corry, Jessica Curry, Emily Dahlgren, Julia Deutsch, Bradley Disbrow, Emilia Discher, Peter Ericksen, Laura Foltz, Stewart Ford, Katherine Fowee, Steven Franke, Mia Frasca, Hannah Fuster, Katrina Geannopoulos, Karin Gorski, Erik Gottardo, Hannah Govednik, Gregory Grabarek, Karina Guerrero, Quinn Haack, Laura Hagen, Kassandra Hauenstein, Erin Hein, Elizabeth Henk, Caroline Hensley, Jennifer Himes, Zachary Hoecker, William Huesing, Nicholas Ives, Kenneth Jabon, Danielle Johnson, Emily Johnson, Scott Kamin, Michael Kania, Brad Kirbas, Matthew Kitchen, Katherine Knauft, Rachel Kraman, Daniel Krob, Nemanja Krstic, Suzanne Labelle, Scott Laforge, Robert Lampros, Edward Lauber, Andrew Lewaniak, Jasmine Liu, Ronnie Lovstad, Matthew Mangan, Meghan Martin, Katherine Matejcak,

Megan McDonald, Natalia Mleczko, Andrea Molino, Miguel Mondragon, Sarah Mudra, Danielle Mulhearn, Alexa Nelson, Donna Nguyen, Samuel Niiro, Joseph Onder, Danielle Passaglia, Lauren Patton, Elena Peerson, Isaac Philip, Bridget Philpott, Simone Pincsak, Kelsey Quinn, Sharan Raman, Daniel Roadman, Caroline Roberts, Mark Rooney, Kelly Ross, Lillian Ross, Lydia Rudd, David Ruehlmann, Christen Saccucci, Sarah Schaffer, Kathleen Scheppe, Melissa Schleicher, Emily Schwartz, Andrew Scott, Ellen Seiberlich, Zinna Senbetta, Emily Serfling, Brian Shebik, Reno Stephens, Andrey Strelkov, Brittany Stuart, Julia Szukala, Megan Trinh, Nicole Volpe, Kristen Wangsness, Christine Ward, Daniel Weeks, Evan Welsh, Karl Winter, Charlotte Wood, Maryann Yang, Amy Yong, Megan Zablock.

There were also quite a few honor roll :

Gregory Arend, Stephanie Blagaich, Lauren Cziesla, Connor Doyle, Madeline Girard, Austin Lantero, Kristin Lillie, Grace Nelson, Frances Roskam, Hope Rubenacker, Jessica Smetana, Kevin Weithers, Quinn Armstrong, Margaret Boyle, James Giblin, Jack Haines, Jenna Jendryk, Alicia Kranjc, Jaehong Lee, Alexa Liber, Kathryn Liber, Alexandra Maglio, Evan Maher, Michael Marut, Angelina Mazza, Christopher Stiegal

In January, Henry Euhus was selected as . He's also a National Merit semifinalist and scored a perfect 36 on his ACT. 

Dan Vitale was a senior leader for the Wheaton Warrenville South football team, who carried his team in the third quarter of the to put the Tigers on the scoreboard. Wide receiver Daniel Choi will also leave the Tigers this year.

Sarah Schaffer put the on the map when she was a state champion with a :24.70 in the 50-yard freestyle and a :53.32 in the 100-yard freestyle last fall.

Lauren Mordini took 46th in the state cross country finals with 17:53. Hana Lobsinger took 93thd with 18:27.

And back in the fall, Wheaton Warrenville South soccer players, Mike Kania (WWS) and Will Huesing, Dan Burns, Alex Brazeau led the Tigers.

Kenneth Cook May 26, 2012 at 06:12 PM
Tyler Cook is an academic and athletic All American in lacrosse. He will be attending High Point University in North Carolina on an academic scholarship.
Charlotte Eriksen May 27, 2012 at 08:02 PM
Congrats to Tyler!!! What an exciting future
Jill Lewaniak May 31, 2012 at 10:31 AM
Andrew Lewaniak was appointed to the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis. We are so very proud of his accomplishments!!
Charlotte Eriksen May 31, 2012 at 08:37 PM
Awesome! Keep us in the loop on his experiences and best wishes to Andrew!


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