Highest Paid: Top 21 School Administrators in District 200

Patch lists 21 highest paid administrators in District 200, based on their base salaries and not benefits or retirement figures.

Yesterday, Patch published a list of 20 District 200 administrators with the highest compensation with benefits and retirement figures. Listed below are the 21 highest paid administrators in order of their base salaries, according to the District 200 website (Note: We list 21 administrators because one did not have a total compensation in the top 20. However, his base salary one of the highest in the district.):

  • Jill Bullo, $150,685
  • Dave Claypool, $143,578
  • Beth Sullivan, $127,285
  • Denise DeSalvo, $126,292
  • John Patterson, $126,292
  • David Bendis, $121,281
  • Kathleen DeMarzo, $120,453
  • Diane Thornburg, $120,453
  • Mark Kohlmann, $114,771
  • Tim Callahan, $114,771
  • Aaron Bacon, $114,771
  • Brian Turyna, $114,771
  • Stephanie Farrelly, $114,771
  • Debby Stoll, $113,536
  • Derick Edwards (Principal, Johnson Elementary School), $113,536
  • Heidi Fitch $113,500
  • Jonathan Pilkington, $111,100
  • Chris Silagi, $111,100
  • Mike Healy, $110,953
  • Matthew Biscan, $110,953
karen parent November 01, 2012 at 01:11 PM
Personally with all the responsibility these leaders have to deal with they are under paid. I can only imagine in today's World what they attend to on an everyday basis.
Jim McMahon November 01, 2012 at 05:50 PM
Under paid, so if you pay them more they will perform better ? I don't see them complaining otherwise they would not have taken the position. You can always put a tip jar at the entrance at the school. These salaries will go up over time anyway, lets focus on pension reform.


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