PHOTOS: Are You More Coordinated Than a 5th Grader?

Longfellow students challenge their parents to moves they learned from the P.E. Central Challenge program.

Parent's of fifth graders at Longfellow Elementary School on Monday participated in "Are You More Coordinated Than a 5th Grader?" after students prepared challenges for their parents to attempt.

The night followed the students' P.E. Central Challenge program, sponsored by a premier website for physical education teachers, and designed to encourage families, schools and organizations to help all children become more skillful movers, according to a message from Longfellow P.E. teacher, Barb Williams.

The students had six challenges to accomplish over the course of a week before challenging their parents.

"I have been so impressed with all the effort and determination the students have put forth this week with the challenges," Williams said.

Information courtesy of Barb Williams, Longfellow Elementary School.


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