Wheaton Water Bills to Increase in 2014

City attributes increase to system upgrades and hikes by Chicago and the DuPage Water Commission.

The city's water rates for 2014. | Credit: City of Wheaton
The city's water rates for 2014. | Credit: City of Wheaton

An aging infrastructure plus increases in charges by outside agencies will push water bills up in Wheaton starting in the new year.

The city, in a release posted on its website Monday, said part of the increase is needed to fund $8 million in upgrades over the next five years. The improvements target portions of the city’s water system that are more than 60 years old.

But the city of Chicago and the DuPage Water Commission will be charging Wheaton more for water as well. Wheaton’s water rate will reflect that, increasing Jan. 1, 2014.

According to the city’s release, the DuPage Water Commission is increasing the rate it charges Wheaton for water 18 percent on Jan. 1, 2014.

A year ago, the city changed its water billing structure, adding on a flat monthly service fee based on meter size, in addition to use fees based on the amount of water a customer uses, according to the city’s release. The twofold increases are:

  • The monthly service fee will increase from $5.86 to $9.38 for most Wheaton residents — those with three-quarter-inch meters or smaller.

  • The rate charged for water use will increase from $3.81 per 100 cubic feet to $4.49 per 100 cubic feet.

Service fees are based on meter size, but the city says that almost 90 percent of Wheaton water customers have one of the three meter sizes that will be billed $9.38 per month. Combine that with average use of 600 cubic feet of water use, and your average monthly water bill would climb to $36.32, compared to $28.73 under 2013 rates.

The city directs those wanting more information about water bill changes and the 2012 water rate study to www.wheaton.il.us/waterbill.

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