Wheaton Park District Wins Three 'Best of Wheaton' Awards

The following information comes from a Wheaton Park District press release. 

On March 6, the Wheaton Park District was the recipient of several “Best of Wheaton” awards, given out by the Wheaton Chamber of Commerce.

First, the Wheaton Park District was awarded “Large Business of the Year,” which was determined by residents and patrons of Wheaton. 

For many in the area, the Wheaton Park District is a staple organization, offering educational and fun opportunities for play, recreation, and leisure. In 2013 alone, 100,969 adults and children enrolled programs at the district.

Additionally, at the Fourth of July festivities (July 3 and 4), the Wheaton Park District welcomed over 20,000 people at its parade, fireworks, carnival, and other celebrations.

Additionally, the Wheaton Park District was recognized for two Henry C. Child’s Economic Development & Community Improvement Projects.  

First, for The Northside Park Renovation/Storm Water Management on North Main Street, which involved the installation of 146,600 square feet of permeable pavers to replace the asphalt parking lots and established 14,900 linear feet of wetland shelf, featuring shoreline-stabilizing and water-filtering plants and 9.6 acres of wetland buffer comprised of Illinois native plant species. 

Ultimately, this project will reduce flooding and make Northside Park an even more beautiful place to gather and play. 

The district was also honored for the Gateway to Downtown Wheaton, a partnership with Bradford Real Estate that saved 15 acres of open space, added an additional park space (Central Park) to downtown Wheaton, and repurposed 50,000 square feet of recreational space at the old Hubble Middle School/Central Athletic Center, all while bringing Mariano’s grocery store to the downtown area. 

Rob Sperl, Director of Planning at the Wheaton Park District says, “During times when many organizations have found it necessary to cut back, we have found ways to partner with others and continue to offer the best for our community. We are fortunate that we have been able to use funding from multiple sources make improvements. 

We have also looked at long term sustainability to ensure that funds are spent wisely and will benefit us in the long run. These projects have put people to work during their creation and will continue to during their operation.”


For more information about the Wheaton Park District, please visit wheatonparkdistrict.com. For more information about the “Best of Wheaton” awards or the Wheaton Chamber of Commerce, visitwheatonchamber.com.



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