Wheaton Approves Water Rate Change

City officials approve a new billing rate and structure for residents starting in 2013.

Wheaton City Council members last week approved changes to the city's water billing rate and structure. 

A study of the City’s water rate performed by an outside firm determined the City needs to raise its rates in order to offset an increase in the amount the City of Chicago and the DuPage Water Commission will be charging Wheaton for water starting in January 2013. The changes also are necessary to support infrastructure improvements needed for the aging water system.

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City data show the effect the rate changes will have on the average user—a customer with a ¾-inch meter using 600 cubic feet of water in a month—compared to the rate for other communities. Amounts for other communities were calculated using their current rates, not potential increases the communities will likely impose in response to the City of Chicago and DuPage Water Commission water rate increases.

The only exception is Naperville, which has published its rates for 2013. The average user’s bill in Wheaton would increase from $20.73 to $28.73 per month, which remains lower than most surrounding communities, even before those communities implement their own rate increases.


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