Wheaton Approves Program to Fix Private Sewer Lines

Program will allow crews to fix sewer problems coming from private property.

Wheaton City Council has approved a program to allow crews to enter private property to line sewer laterals and install a "clean out" to reduce clear water infiltration coming from private lines, according to a Wheaton city staff memo. 

The $1.7 million program will fix sewer lines in about 250 homes and could expand to other areas of the city if the program is successful, according to the Chicago Tribune.

According to a city staff memo, engineering studies have identified overflows and backups are directly related to inflow and infiltration (clearwater) from public and private sources and the need to address sump pump connections and poorly maintained sewer service lines. 

Paul Redman, director of the city's engineering department, told the Tribune he expects work to begin in the spring. 

Read the full Chicago Tribune story here.


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