Video: How Wheaton Uses Technology and Science to Clear Streets

Whenever it snows in Wheaton, it takes a lot more than just sending out the snow plows to clear the roads.

From predicting the weather to performing some large-scale chemistry operations, Wheaton’s Snow Command Center uses science, technology and a fleet of equipment to get the job done. 

A new video called “Clearing the Way with Wheaton’s Snow Command” explains all that goes into clearing Wheaton’s streets, from creating the “Supermix” to prioritizing routes.

See inside a snow plow and find out where you shouldn’t park when it snows. Also, find out what snow plow drivers want you to do if you see them in your rearview mirror (hint: it’s the same thing you’d do for a fire truck with its lights and siren activated). 

Watch the city of Whaton's Video Above for More Information

Source: City of Wheaton press release 


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