Park District Finalizes Hubble Plans Before City Hearing

Park district will present to City Council Monday, Feb. 13.

The Wheaton Park District board met Wednesday to finalize an agreement with developer Bradford Equities, LLC, to buy part of the old Hubble school site before a presentation to City Council Monday, Feb. 13.

The board also saw a presentation of a concept for the the district plans to build at the corner of Main Street and Roosevelt Road.

The agreement determines the sale price of $3 million for the parcel of the Hubble property the park district will buy from Bradford. Park commissioner Phil Luetkehans said Bradford plans to exchange the parcel of property intended for the formal garden park for the park district’s property across the street—the Central Park property. at the corner of Roosevelt and Naperville roads.

Commissioner Kim VanderSchaaf, who opposed the park district’s plan to buy part of the Hubble property when the board voted in May, told staff Wednesday after hearing the district would use a grant to cover a significant amount of the cost to acquire the property, the project is now something she can support. .

In his presentation of a vision for the formal garden park Keven Graham, of Planning Resources, Inc. told the board his direction from staff was to consider a park similar in nature to . To do so, he said the park could include ornamental and horticultural gardens and elements that indicative of the site's history.

He explained plans for the park that could be completed in phases. Phase one, which, Benard said would be included in the district’s presentation to City Council, includes plans for a concrete sidewalk, walks and paths, 44 deciduous trees, 13 evergreen trees, 51 ornamental trees, 84 deciduous shrubs and 400 perennials. The estimated cost for phase one is $150,000 to $200,000. Later work would include additional materials for walks and paths and site furnishings.

VanderSchaaf said beyond phase one, she is “not a fan” of the plan. “I think you have too much going on and you have too many things compartmentalized,” she said. Graham said the idea behind the park was to create small, private spaces for park users.

The park district, with Bradford, will present to City Council 7 p.m. Monday, Feb. 13 at , 303 Wesley St., Wheaton.


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