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Meeting Highlights: Liquor License Changes, Earth Flag Acceptance

A roundup of items approved at Monday night's village board of trustees meeting.

Changes to numbers, types of liquor licenses
Aside from the recent , trustees approved a few additional changes to the village’s current liquor license numbers:

  • New license issued to . The restaurant at 1500 Maple Ave. will be allowed to serve beer and wine to patrons. (It joins and in this classification.) Construction is still being conducted on the former Burger King space.
  • A class change for the Old Tavern Road , to add prepackaged hard liquor to the store’s selection. The items will be held behind the counter in a locked cabinet, according to documents provided by franchise owner Kunal Nadodkar.
    The class change does not apply to the village’s Ogden Avenue location.

Trustee Ed Young moved to defer a change to liquor license ordinance until the board’s next meeting. The proposed amendment clearly defines which individuals qualify as management at a restaurant, and are therefore subject to background checks for a liquor license.


Acceptance of Earth Flag
Coinciding with the ’s 21st year of practicing recycling, Mayor Joe Broda accepted the Earth Flag on behalf of the village board and staff. Representatives of the DuPage County Board and SCARCE presented the flag, which represents organizations that implement eco-friendly initiatives that benefit the community and environment.

Village stormwater manager Mary Lou Kalsted outlined a number of the village’s green practices, including:

  • the Green by Choice Program, Sustainable Saturday, village office recycling program, LEAP curbside pick-up, low-flow water fixtures in village buildings, the use of compact fluorescent light bulbs

According to Kalsted, the village has recycled more than 300,000 lbs. in electronics and 1,098 lbs. of holiday lights and extension cords.

SCARCE representative Kay McKeen said she’s conducted 55 green audits within the village.

“What really stands out here in Lisle is the true commitment of your employees for a more sustainable community,” she said, later citing village employees Eric Ertmoed, Catherine Schuster and Kalsted.

DuPage County Board representative Jeff Redick, speaking as the chairman of the county’s environmental committee, called the village’s efforts “smart government.”

“Staff has made program work over the years and I’m extremely happy about that,” said Broda.

The program is funded by DuPage County and administered by SCARCE.


During the meeting, the village's financial department was also awarded a Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial
Reporting by the Government Finance Officers Association of United States and Canada (GFOA).


Village scales back lights, fare for upcoming holidays
A design team composed of village employees have outlined plans for this year’s holiday decorations in downtown, which will go up before Thanksgiving.

The concept was created utilizing a budget of $10,000—one-third of the amount budgeted for 2010. Trustees approved two bids for the work, totaling $11,160. According to staff memos, the portion of the cost over budget will be covered by the Hotel/Motel sales tax.

This year’s display is to include strings of white and multi-colored lights, as well as light-up snowflakes around PrairieWalk Pond and four lighted topiary bears in Main Street planters.


Preliminary plat for Banner Housing project approved
Trustees officially approved the preliminary agreement with the developers of the proposed Banner Apartments at 3060 and 3080 Ogden Ave. After several rounds in front of the trustees, the project is scaled down to a 60-unit development for residents 55 and over. The agreement rezones the property for multi-family use, and establishes a 12-month period for the developers to seek final approval for the project. Construction cannot begin without the board’s final approval.


Introduction of DuPage County Hounds
After a , Joe Stefani, team co-owner of the new DuPage County Hounds, spoke briefly about the team’s league last night.

Stefani said the Hounds would function similar to the Dupage Dragons, though in a different league. They hope to draw college prospects from the area, and will face six teams within a four-mile travel radius.

The team will enjoy a 46-game schedule beginning next June, with home games at the Village of Lisle-Benedictine University Sports Complex.


Approved purchase order for equipment, demolition
Trustees approved several purchase orders, including an agreement to demolish a village-owned home at 4727 Center Ave., located to the north of village hall. The demolition will create additional green space between the village hall building and Museums at Lisle Station Park.


Proclamation of Constitution Week
In honor of the 224th anniversary of the Constitution’s drafting, the village has proclaimed it Constitution Week through Sept. 23.

D R October 16, 2012 at 10:32 PM
1000's of people did lose their jobs at Navistar. Where have you been?
Maria October 17, 2012 at 12:15 AM
Remember the "spas" that were on Ogden? Shut down a few years ago when the people working there were charged with prostitution!! I think both are still vacant 5 years later. It could be alot worse than a new gas station.
Frank F October 17, 2012 at 09:58 AM
Del Debbio's has been closed for 2.5 years!!! What else do you think is going to come along? There is no higher or better use than the one proposed - if there was it would have come along by now. I suppose he could have chosen to build this gas station in DG east of Speedway and it would siphon revenue from Lisle,
Jane October 17, 2012 at 03:10 PM
There is, at minimum, the appearance of a conflict of interest when the PZC chair owns property within about 400 ft from a proposed controversial project that he must vote one. One could easily see how the petitioner could argue the hearing was unfair and biased. Seriously, when is the last time the PZC Chairman attacked a petitioner at a hearing like he did that architect who presented the proposed gas station last month? This is the same guy who dismissed residents concerns on UTI when a young woman testified about measuring air pollution impacts ... she used an INDOOR air meter to measure OUTDOOR air quality and then reported the results incorrectly mixing up units of parts-per-million and parts-per-billion. Why didn't the PZC Chair attack that petitioner?
D R October 18, 2012 at 12:41 AM
OMG...SOOO Biased!! WOW. The old Del Debbio's site will be vacant for years, now. After approving U Store It, Car wash, Reilly's, Oil Change after adopting the Ogden plan, how can they now use the plan as the sole reason to deny this. Insanity. So biased.


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