Election 2013: Mark Schobel

Mark Schobel is one of four candidates running for the Wheaton Park District Board of Commissioners in the 2013 election.

Mark Schobel is one of four candidates running for the Wheaton Park District Board of Commissioners in the 2013 election. Schobel, 54, has been on the board of commissioners since 1989. He has a Bachelor of Arts from North Central College and is the regional vice president at Job Search Television Network (JSTN). He lives in Wheaton with his wife, Rebecca, and has two daughters.


Name: Mark Schobel   

Position sought: Wheaton Park District Commissioner

Campaign contact information: None provided

Age: 54

Family (name, relationship and age): Wife, Rebecca; and daughters, Rachael and Taylor

Education (degree and school):

  • BA, North Central College

Occupation: Regional Vice President at Job Search Television Network (JSTN)

Political party affiliation, If any:  Republican

Previous elected offices: Park District Commissioner, 1989 to Present

Applicable experience qualifying you for the position:

  • Chairman of Clocktower Teens skate park development committee saw the project through to its completion
  • Chairman of Monroe Overpass project committee and over saw the project through to its completion. I had the honor of working closely along side with DuPage County Board member John Noel. 
  • Chairman of Arrowhead Golf Course renovation project saw this project through to its completion.
  • Chairman Arrowhead Golf Clubhouse construction project. Spent 6 years from the formation of the concept through to its completion.
  • Initiated discussions with DuPage County for the renovation of Northside Park which renovations were eventually completed last year.
  • Initiated restructuring of the District’s bond debt in late 1990’s (year?), which saved the district millions in interest.

What is the primary reason you are running for this office?

To continue to serve my community and strive to make the District excel and better itself at every opportunity.

What will be your single most important priority if you get elected?

Continuing our efforts in maintain fiscal responsibility in all manners of our operations within the Park District. Encouraging our staff to continue to seek alternative sources of revenue, through Grants, donations, revenue producing facilities and programs, etc. Currently the taxpayers’ contributions to the District represent approximately 41% of the District's budget. I would like us to make every effort to shrink that percentage further.

What sets you apart from the other candidates?

Considerable experience and leadership abilities. However, knowing each of the candidates running in this election, I truly believe our community will be well represent by any one of us. I have tremendous respect for each of the candidates in this election.

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How long have you lived in Wheaton? If applicable, how long have you been involved with Wheaton?  29 years. I have been involved in the community since moving here and establishing my insurance agency in Wheaton. My involvement extended to community service group and other agencies within our community:

  • Ex-Wheaton Rotarian, Noon and AM Clubs (Served as Wheaton AM Club Rotary President 1992-93)
    • Youth Service Coordinator
    • Ways and Means Chairman
    • Chairman of Pads Renovation project
    • Member of the construction crew for Handicap Playground at Northside Park
    • Member of the construction crew for Central DuPage Hospital’s Helipad project
    • Vice President   
  • Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital
  • Splash & Dash Fundraising Chairman and Board Member
  • Cosley Classic Animal Farm Golf Outing
    • Fundraising Chairman and Board Member 8 years

What's your favorite thing about Wheaton?

The people within our community. Our community is very generous and giving of themselves. The volunteer network within the Park District is a great example of this generosity.

What is the biggest problem in Wheaton?

If I had to pick something it probably would be traffic congestion.



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