Kirk Dillard Files Nominating Petitions for 24th Senate District Run

Also, a bill Dillard sponsored designed to help keep ineligible patients out of the Medicaid system heads to the governor.

State Sen. Kirk Dillard (R-24th, Westmont) has filed nominating petitions to be included on the ballot for the March 20 primary election. Senate candidates were required to file at least 1,000 signatures from qualified voters; Dillard filed 3,000 signatures.
“I am pleased by the overwhelming support I received from over 100 volunteer supporters who helped me gather petition signatures, and I am further humbled and pleased that I was able to obtain many more than enough signatures to submit the maximum 3,000,” Dillard said. “The outpouring of support and enthusiasm from the people we talked with while gathering signatures was heartening.”

An analysis of the petitions shows every community within Senate District 24 provided signatures.
“The people in Elmhurst, Lombard, Oak Brook and Glen Ellyn were especially responsive to our petition drive,” Dillard said.

Due to redistricting, these communities have been added to the 24th District.

“A vast majority of our 3,000 signatures came from this newly added area,” said Dillard, a Hinsdale resident. “I am excited to represent these areas as their new state senator.”

Dillard is familiar with the newly added area. In Elmhurst, for example, he worked with local officials to obtain funds to improve North Avenue and St. Charles Road, assisted with the purchase of for Elmhurst flood abatement and helped obtain renovation money for .

Dillard said he wants to block Gov. Pat Quinn from borrowing more money, roll back the income tax hike, abolish the controversial legislative scholarship program and reform the public pension system. He said he will create a "destination economy" for businesses and a "best in class" education system.

Dillard Sponsors Medicaid Reform Bill

As part of his efforts to save the state money, Dillard sponsored legislation passed by the General Assembly Tuesday that is an extension of the state’s ongoing Medicaid reform efforts. The legislation gives the Department of Healthcare and Family Services resources most often seen in the private sector to administer the state’s Medicaid program. Medicaid is the state’s largest expenditure at $15 billion annually.

Senate Bill 1762 allows HFS to hire 20 employees with specific knowledge in the areas of healthcare administration, healthcare finance and healthcare data analytics or information technology. This could include personnel with a background in medical, dental and pharmaceutical services, to those with experience in data analytics or highly complicated Internet technology and computer systems.
“This bill helps cut down on Medicaid fraud, holds down costs through better analysis and will improve patient care," Dillard said. "Expending resources up front to hire qualified personnel will help the state lower program costs and attract private sector experience to state business."

Up to 10 percent of the state’s Medicaid expenses can be attributed to waste and fraud, Dillard said. In Illinois, that could be as much as $1.5 billion a year.

“The bottom line is, I want the state to verify income before people get on—or stay on—welfare," he said. "We need to kick non-eligible people off the welfare rolls.”

HFS Director Julie Hamos testified before lawmakers in support of the legislation, saying the state needs to find very qualified people with a specialized skill set to manage the state’s $15 billion Medicaid budget. Senate Bill 1762 allows HFS to forego outside contracts and hire full-time employees at less expense to the state.

The bill is on its way to Gov. Quinn for his signature.

Dillard will be running against Elmhurst resident and current 41st District State House Rep. One Democrat, A. Ghani of Oak Brook, also has filed for the primary.The 24th Senate District includes Burr Ridge, Clarendon Hills, Darien, Downers Grove, Elmhurst, Glen Ellyn, Lisle, Lombard, Hinsdale, Oak Brook, Oakbook Terrace, Westmont, Wheaton, Western Springs and Willowbrook. 

Kevin Fitzpatrick December 05, 2011 at 05:34 PM
Keep rationalizing those positions on Gambling revenues creating surplus and Red Light Speeding Tickets being part of the Republican Platform under some subsection on Local Control Frank. It's a terrible argument. I grasp this; more gambling is not going to solve our budget crisis. The Lottery didn't save education and the boats didn't save our medicaid system. More people have gotten wealthy from it and shared the wealth with some legislators. Guess who. Families have been negatively affected. It's such a Republican issue that 3 Senators supported it, including oddly enough, your candidate. Only 2 from DuPage. I'm positive of where the voters in this district are on this one Frank. I have grasped that.
Kevin Fitzpatrick December 05, 2011 at 05:43 PM
Cincinnatus commented on the article Kirk Dillard Files Nominating Petitions for 24th Senate District Run "If you collected well in excess of 3000, why did you not submit them? Dillard was the ONLY incumbent in the Senate to submit 3000 signatures, and over 100 people volunteered to help him do so. One voter at a time, just like Nybo. Dillard has the same right to life rating as Sen. Brady, and has been called a fiscal and social conservative by arguably the most conservative newspaper in this state. His bone fides on this issue are without question, no matter how you spin it." Frank, we did submit 2800+. What difference is there to adding 150 or 400 more when the rules limit you to 3000? His Bona Fides are deeply in question on the Embryonic Stem Cell Research vote. Seek your own counsel and google that.
Kevin Fitzpatrick December 05, 2011 at 05:51 PM
Frank, That's a somewhat testy response from a guy who's posted no less than 10 times in one morning. You are making claims and "taking credit" for things that are just not completely true or true at all. We're making a very positive case out there. Rid the state of Blago Style Billboards, Epi Pen Legislation for children with food allergies, Workers Comp Reform, investment in High Tech Corridor companies (not using taxpayer dollars!!). Lots of good things. Great legislation in the hopper. No Dream Act, No Red light Speeding Tickets, No Gambling Expansion. Do you think you get to cast votes down in Springfield and not take responsibility for them in your district Frank? I'll leave the other issue alone for now, but google that one too.
Kevin Fitzpatrick December 05, 2011 at 06:27 PM
Frank, you're absolutely correct. The voters will get to decide. Your criticism "Back bencher with extreme views" is sort of an odd way to illustrate how you're taking the "high road" and criticism of votes for Embryonic Stem Cell Research (rationalized by Mr. Lewis as 'they're throwing them out anyway') Dream Act, RTA Tax, Gambling Expansion, Red Light Speeding Cameras, etc. are somehow negative campaigning. It's merely an illustration of the differences between 2 men running for the same position. Honestly I know them both as nice guys. I haven't accused anyone of being an extreme idealogue. You keep rationalizing positions that are not "in step" with this district or this party. Then you pull an innocuous position statement out from a study by the Paul Simon Institute to support your position. I agree that people want some compromise. You've criticized Chris for supporting Workman's Comp Reform even though your candidate voted for it. He made that vote because he was positive his district wanted reforms to save $600M in employment cost so more people would get jobs. Did your guy support that or not? If he did, there's NO room for criticism from you on this. I love going to door to door for Chris, just as I have done for Dan and Peter (Henry before that, and Erlenborn before that) for many years. We have an extremely positive message out there. The Nybo campaign is a very strong and disciplined organization. That doesn't mean you or anyone else gets a free shot.
MIke R December 07, 2011 at 02:35 AM
Cincinnatus, I stand corrected. If you go to http://www.ilga.gov/senate/Senator.asp?GA=97&MemberID=1641 you will see that he has been serving as State Senator (unless the Senate page is wrong) since 1993 NOT 1995 as you implied. Add to this the current term and you do have 23 years. I was indeed two years off. But then so were you. If your guy wins he will only be serving 23 years in the Senate. Still sounds like "Looooooong- Term" limits to me.


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