Jeanne Ives Sworn in to Represent 42nd House District

Former Wheaton City Councilman Jeanne Ives is sworn in as state representative in the 42nd District.

From the Illinois General Assembly:

Former Wheaton City Councilwoman, US Army veteran and mother of 5, Jeanne Ives (R, Wheaton) was sworn in today as State Representative to the newly created 42nd Legislative District. Ives resolved to serve honorably and responsively, as well as to inject her municipal and leadership experience into the fight to solve Illinois’ most pressing issues.

“There are many challenges facing our state and they are overwhelming in their number and complexity,” said Ives. “The unresolved pension crises demands an immediate and lasting solution before this new legislature can move on to solve other problems. Expansion of economic opportunity, reduction of government and strong leadership are needed in Illinois, and I plan to champion policies that uphold these concepts at every turn.”

Ives took the oath along with her colleagues in the bi-annual ceremony held at the University of Illinois at Springfield.

As a member of the Wheaton City Council, Ives’ tenure in public service has been marked by conservative leadership and an unwavering commitment to the taxpayers’ bottom line. Ives plans to focus her time on real pension reform including the elimination of pensions for part-time elected officials, repealing the 2011 tax hike, advocating for school choice, and a myriad of other reforms that focus on better government.

A challenge, which will employ Ives’ background in tax policy and economics, is the push for comprehensive tax reform throughout state government. Citing Illinois’ onerous, complicated tax code, the newly elected Representative called for a ground up approach to rewriting Illinois tax law. “Illinois’ revenue system doesn’t just need a tune up, it needs a complete rebuild,” Ives added.

The newly created 42nd Legislative District, created during the decennial redistricting process, resides completely within DuPage County encompassing portions of Carol Stream, Lisle, Naperville, Warrenville, West Chicago, Wheaton and Winfield.

“The reforms that are needed are not simple, but we have the resources to turn Illinois around. With good government practices and smart policy, we can revolutionize Illinois. We can become a state that is a leader in the mid-West region and one that is a place our citizens are proud to call home.”

Johnny Rocko January 10, 2013 at 01:37 AM
Is this news or a propaganda piece? Ives will be as effective as Ralph Hinkle teaching an ethics class. If Ives is such a numbers person, then she should be able to count the number of Democrats in the House and figure out she doesn't matter. I think Jeanne Ives only cares about her political career, and replacing Peter Roskam. Her ego knows no bounds.
Five and Fly January 10, 2013 at 06:23 AM
As a member of the Wheaton City Council, Ives’ tenure in public service... and a myriad of other reforms that focus on better government. What a crock of Balonoy!!! She was on City Council for less the one year and did all these things. All by herself. GET REAL what Ives really is - is a poltical organisim, grown in Ralph Hinkle's petri dish of poltical lies and corupution.
billy January 14, 2013 at 07:20 PM
OK I get it, this is where YOU beat up on anybody and everybody: Would like to nominate the Union Pacific Engineer that loves to wake up Wheaton at 1 to 3 am with a tune-less jazz horn blowing at all the wrong crossings! Guess that Engineer is an animal lover that fears killing the Downtown Wheaton Skunk walking the rails? Perhaps it is as simple as her Mercedes Benz CLS550 horn is not loud enough?


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