County Zoning Board Wants COD to Seek Approval for Each Proposed Building

Commissioners voted against COD's expansion plan as a whole.

DuPage County zoning board of appeals commissioners want officials to seek approval on a case-by-case basis for their long-term expansion plan, the Daily Herald reports

After reviewing the proposed long-term development, the commissioners noted the lack of detail in the building plans and voted 7-0 Thursday, recommending to the county board that the college come back for approval for each individual building, the Daily Herald reports. College officials were hoping for approval for the entire project, which would add nearly 734,000 square feet of new buildings to the 273-acre campus.

At a May 10 hearing, Robert Kartholl, chairman of the zoning board of appeals, expressed concern about the lack of detail in the buildings' plans. During the May 10 hearing he said COD needed to "" on the long-term plans before the board could support or oppose the development.

The use of the buildings was unclear and at a previous meeting, Staci Hulseberg, Village of Glen Ellyn planning and development director, said that makes it difficult to determine the kind of impact the development would have on neighbors.  

After public outcry from residents, COD decided to nix four buildings from the planned development. Theto add a welcome center near St. James Church and its adjacent parking lot, plus three buildings located on the campus' western edge near Park Boulevard and College Road. 

The development committee will review the request on June 19, according to the Daily Herald, before passing on a recommendation to the DuPage County Board. 


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