COD 'Dramatically' Scales Back Long-Term Development

County development committee members approve COD's modified development.

When  officials first presented long-term development plans to DuPage County for approval, residents were outspoken about the addition of approximately 734,000 square feet of new buildings. After listening to the concerns of its neighbors, the college presented a new and dramatically scaled back proposed development request.

In the second step of a three-step process, DuPage County development committee members voted to approve the modified site plan, which now calls for the addition of approximately 396,000 square feet of new buildings instead of the original 734,000 square feet. DuPage County Board members will have the final vote at an upcoming meeting after reviewing the recommendations of the county zoning board of appeals and development committee.   

"The removal of these items is the byproduct of the college that has listened and heard the concerns of its neighbors," said COD attorney, Steve Ruffalo. 

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The original proposed buildings located on the western side of the 273-acre campus, have been whittled down to one three-story building, totaling 70,000 square feet. 

The college nixed plans to add a water tower, electronic message sign and any proposed development north of Fawell Boulevard. The college site plan calls for a new concession building totaling 4,800 square feet near the softball and baseball fields. 

Village of Glen Ellyn officials have attended numerous public hearings regarding this college's proposed development. The village was concerned about the lack of detail in previous plans and the impact new buildings would have on neighbors. Michele Stegall, village planner was enthusiastic about the changes she saw Tuesday. 

"I was surprised and very pleased to see the plan that is before us this afternoon," said Stegall.

A few residents came out to voice their opinions on the proposed changes. None of the comments were overly critical like in previous meetings but one new homeowner, who was unaware of the proposed changes before she purchased the condo, was upset about the changes.    

"We accept that this plan development is not going to please everyone," said Ruffalo. 

College President Robert Breuder attended Tuesday's meeting and told residents he will host meetings with neighbors in the fall and spring to increase communication, so everyone is aware of the college's happenings.  

"Rest assured we understand our responsibility as a corporate citizen," said  Brueder. 

Mark Stern June 21, 2012 at 08:14 PM
Does this mean they will refund property taxpayers a portion of the massive debt issuance pushed through in the recent referendum, if they no longer need to build the Taj Mahal?


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