City Tackles Backlog of Ash Tree Stumps After Extended Winter

A contractor for the city estimates it will take several weeks to deal with a backlog of ash tree stumps that could not be removed during cold or wet weather.

The following press release was submitted by the city of Wheaton:

Due to an extended winter, followed by wet conditions, the contractor for Wheaton’s parkway ash tree removal program currently has a backlog of several hundred parkway ash tree stumps that need to be removed.
While trees infested by the emerald ash borer can be removed during cold weather, crews must wait until spring to remove the stumps. The contractor estimates it will take several weeks to remove the backlog of tree stumps in various locations throughout the city. The City appreciates your patience as this program progresses.
For more information about the emerald ash borer and the City’s parkway tree removal program, see the City’s website.


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