City Council to Discuss Vision for Downtown Wheaton at Jan. 28 Meeting

Wheaton City Council will discuss plans for a strategic vision of downtown Wheaton at a Jan. 28 planning session.

What should the vision for Downtown Wheaton be? As the City of Wheaton works to develop a new strategic plan and streetscape plan for the downtown district, the City Council will be meeting to review community input from the September 2012 community visioning session, MindMixer results, and reports on traffic, infrastructure and a market study (available for review on the City’s website: www.wheaton.il.us/DowntownPlan/) and discuss an agreed-upon vision for the Downtown. The discussion will take place during the City Council’s Planning Session at 7 p.m. Jan. 28 in the Council Chambers of City Hall, 303 W. Wesley St.

To accomplish the City Council’s goal of enhancing economic development in the downtown area, the City contracted with planning/urban design consultant Design Workshop to create a strategic plan and streetscape plan. These two plans aim to establish a vision for Downtown, define boundaries and gateways for the downtown area, connect it with other parts of the city, address parking and streetscape issues, and more.

At the Jan. 28 meeting, Design Workshop will present findings from their background data analysis and discuss with the Council options for a vision for the downtown area.  The vision for Downtown Wheaton that the Council will discuss will influence and inform the preliminary and final design options and recommendations resulting from the overall streetscape and strategic plan over the next few months.

Future public meetings and stakeholder focus groups will solicit feedback on various plan options and eventually present the final plan for City Council consideration.

The City’s website will contain updates about upcoming meetings and the project as it progresses. In addition, the City will send out information to those people who subscribe to the City’s Email Updates. To receive press releases from the City or other information by email, visit www.wheaton.il.us/emailupdates.

Information courtesy of the City of Wheaton.

Mark Lukas January 16, 2013 at 05:52 PM
What is the point of this, when the City does whatever it wants to anyway. The entrance to downtown from Roosevelt and Main has been spoiled with the eyesore of a grocery store. Retirement homes are being placed where condos should be and the funds that were to be used to renovate the plaza never materialized. Any type of business is approved to fill up empty space. Will this plan change that attitude or simply be another waste of tax payer money?


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