City Council: Dec. 5 Meeting Recap

City Council accepts first readings for 2011 tax levies.

Wheaton City Council approved the following agenda items at its Dec. 5 meeting at :

Consent agenda

New Business: All new business items were passed in one motion.

  • Bid award for well repairs: Well #7 
  • Adopt resolution authorizing release of closed session minutes
  • Adopt resolution authorizing destruction of audio or video recording of closed session minutes
  • Adopt resolution authorizing the disposal of surplus property
  • Adopt resolution approving a plat of storm water management at
  • Adopt a resolution approving an easement grant for storm water management at 809 Scott Street

Regular agenda

Unfinished Business

Ordinance authorizing the execution of a first amendment to an annexation agreement with Amberwood Estates subdivision: Council amended the 2006 agreement to set uniform standards for front- and side-yard setbacks. The minimum front-yard setback is 30 feet. The minimum side-yard setback for homes with more than one and a half stories is 35 feet. 

New Business 

  • Appointments to City boards and commissions: Mayor Mike Gresk appointed Nancy Flannery to the Community Media Commission and Dottie Mackie to the Wheaton Band Commission.
  • Bid Award Recommendation for Clean Diesel Grant Program: Council accepted a grant of $20,299.21 and approved a purchase in the same amount to hire a vendor to convert five fire apparatus vehicles. Inland Power Group will install a diesel oxidation catalyst on four vehicles and a diesel oxidation catalyst/closed crankcase ventilation system on one vehicle. 
  • Planning and Zoning Board Report: Council accepted the zoning board report requesting a special use at the Illinois Institute of Technology to allow for new communication towers.
  • Train Station Leases: A resolution authorizes Gresk to sign and direct the City Clerk to attest to a sublease agreement between the Cit of Wheaton and Java Connection; A second resolution authorizes Gresk to sign and direct the City Clerk to attest to a sublease amendment between the City of Wheaton and Commuter Comforts. The two leases at the downtown Wheaton and College Avenue Metra stations end December 31, 2011. The proposed amendment will extend the lease until December 31, 2013 and provide for an annual rent increase of three percent, said Assistant City Manager Mike Dzugan. The two leases provide approximately $22,000 per year to the city, he said. 
  • Wheaton Liquor Control Ordinance (First Reading): Council had a first reading of a proposed ordinance for a liquor license that would apply to , a movie theater with food service opening in 2012. Wheaton Director of Economic Development said Studio Movie Grill plans to open at 301 Rice Lake Square in the first quarter of 2012. Councilman Tom Mouhelis said, "Let's try to make life easy for them. They're coming into Wheaton. They're going to make an impact—let's be user-friendly." 
  • 2011 Tax Levy (First Reading): The ordinance levies taxes for general and special corporate purposes for the current fiscal year, which began May 1, 2011 and will end April 30, 2012. The current levy is .7 percent less than last year's levy.
  • Special Service Area Levies and Appropriations (First Reading): Council had its first reading of four ordinances related to levies for Special Service Areas Two and Three. Special Service Area Two (SSA #2) funds parking enforcement in Wheaton's central business district. Special Service Area Three (SSA #3) is in place to maintain drainage. The levies for both parking enforcement salaries in SSA #2 are $42,000. The levy amount for both maintenance contracts in SSA #3 are $18,000. 
  • Bid Award Recommendation/ERP Solicitation: Council approved a purchase to afford consultant services as a follow up to staff's recommendation of the city's software needs. 
  • Bid award for engineering services: Council awarded a bid of $50,710 to hire a vendor for engineering services for the Briarcliffe Boulevard Improvement Project and approved costs for construction services. 


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