20 Highest Paid Employees from Lisle's Public Works Department

The following information on the highest paid Lisle Public Works Department employees was obtained through an Illinois Freedom of Information Act request. Salaries and total compensation are shown for the past two years.

Salary and benefit information for public employees is public record. We post this information because we think it will be of interest to our readers, many of whom are Lisle residents and taxpayers who pay for these salaries.

The salary information looks at two budget cycles, and includes both the budgeted salary and total compensation of these employees. Total compensation includes salary, insurance, pension payments and additional financial allowances.

Below is salary information for the 20 highest paid employees of the Lisle Public Works Department.

Click here to see salary information for other Lisle taxing bodies.



2010 Budgeted Salary

2011 Budgeted Salary

2010 Total Compensation

2011 Total Compensation

Jason Elias

Public Works Director





Dennis Michaels

Public Works Superintendent





Bill Glowienke

Facilities Manager





Ken Lange

Fleet Services Superintendent





Duane Henry

Forestry Foreperson





Justin Ross

Public Works Foreperson





Dennis Galloway

Senior Public Works Person





Carl Muell

Public Works Foreperson





Frank Vodicka

Senior Public Works Person





Brian Elstner

Senior Public Works Person





Gary Russell

Lead Fleet Services Technician





Lloyd Clay

Not provided





Jeff Annunziata

Senior Building Maintenance Engineer





Brian Cummings

Fleet Services Technician





Eric Kucin

Engineering Technician





Michael Ehling

Fleet Services Person





Chrystalyn DeLaCruz

GIS Technician





Keith Dooley

Public Works Person





Cheryl Hays

Public Works Administrative Secretary





Gary Emore

Public Engineer






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George P November 29, 2012 at 04:04 PM
How about some reporting on that ugly concrete tilt-up barn going up on Warrenville Road in Lisle where they cut down a couple thousand trees?
Thomas November 29, 2012 at 04:14 PM
I'll make a general comment. Typically, I don't think people have a problem with what government workers make (in most cases, there are clearly exceptions that we read about daily). My main problem is the number of government workers. Public works is an essential service, so most of these jobs are probably warranted. But, the non-essential services (and the number of those workers) is what I have a problem with.
George P November 29, 2012 at 04:25 PM
Like government "marketing directors" and PR!! Still can't believe our taxes are used to by government (Village of Lisle, Lisle Park District, etc.) to set up Facebook pages and pay employees to censor and delete citizen comments.
Thomas November 29, 2012 at 05:29 PM
George, that's one of the position(s). Another problem, is the number of units of governments in DuPage and throughout the state.
Dan Stafford November 29, 2012 at 09:54 PM
Posting while tired & short-tempered above. True that this is just a list of salaries with no other comment. Still, in the context of the past few years' barrage of attacks on public workers of all stripes, some of us need to start standing up for those who serve us. (And I am not a public employee, in case you're wondering.) In today's world, and in this area, the top wage listed here is just enough to raise a family and own a home and decent vehicle with a little savings & modest entertainment. The lowest wage is just enough for a single person with no savings. (Unless they have some miracle deal on housing)


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