20 Highest Paid City of Wheaton Employees

The following information on the highest paid employees of the City of Wheaton was obtained from the City of Wheaton website and a FOIA request.

Salary and benefit information for public employees is public record. We post this information because we think it will be of interest to our readers, many of whom are Wheaton residents and taxpayers who foot the bill.

Through the rest of the year, Wheaton Patch will regularly post the highest paid individuals from Wheaton's remaining taxing bodies: Wheaton Police Department, Wheaton Fire Department, Wheaton Public Library, and Community Unit School District 200.

We have already posted:

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The following information was posted in March to the City of Wheaton website, and additional information was obtained through a FOIA request.

Name, Position

Annual Salary (FY 2013, projected)

Health Insurance Dental Insurance Life Insurance AD&D Total Compensation Don Rose, City Manager $178,500 $13,334  - $405 $6 $192,245

Mike Dzugan, Assistant City Manager

$141,525 $19,167.96  - $351 $6 $161,050 Chad Michaelis, Director of Information Technology $121,788 $19,167.96  - $284.88 $6 $141,246 Robert Lehnhardt, Director of Finance $119,544 $19,167.96 $71 $280 $4.80 $139,069 John Duguay, Director of Human Resources $110,292 $19,167.96 $71 $270 $6 $129,807 Jim Kozik, Director of Planning and Economic Development $107,712 $19,167.96  - $270 $6 $127,156 Sarang Lagvankar, Senior Project Engineer $103,024 $19,167.96 $71 $16.80 $4.80 $122,284 Joe Kreidl, Director of Building and Code $100,929 $19,167.96  - $243 $6 $120,340 Larry Noller, Assistant Director of Finance $95,880 $19,167.96 $71 $16.80 $4.80 $115,140 Alfred Schefske, Facilities Manager $91,560 $19,167.96 $71 $16.80 $4.80 $110,820 Tyler Ferguson, Development Engineer $91,560 $19,167.96 $71 $16.80 $4.80 $110,820 Patrick Keegan, Systems Analyst, GIS $91,560 $19,167.96 $71 $16.80 $4.80 $110,820 Bruce Allen, Building and Code—Plan Examiner $81,787 $19,167.96 $71 $16.80 $4.80 $101,048 Mark Wedow, Project Engineer $81,794 $19,167.96 $27.72 $16.80 $4.80 $101,012 Joan Schouten, Purchasing Officer $81,794 $19,167.96 $10 $16.80 $4.80 $100,994 Raymond Catala, Street Lights—Electrical Services Manager $81,794 $19,167.96 $71 $16.80 $4.80 $100,984 Thomas Corrigan, Building and Code—Plan Examiner $78,414 $19,167.96 $27.72 $16.80 $4.80 $97,631 Gary Beeman, Building Inspector $81,787 $13,334 $48.68 $16.80 $4.80 $95.190 Carol Zdan, Code Compliance Officer $81,794 $13,334  - $16.80 $4.80 $95,150 Mary Grantz, Finance Analyst $87,785 $6,690.60 $23.88 $16.80 $4.80 $94,521

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Jim The Used Car Salesman October 24, 2012 at 04:45 PM
Just imagine if these were Union workers? Oh wait, Union workers are not on the list because their health care costs are cheaper and they make a heck of a lot less. Let's hear your uninformed opinion on this Jimbo, thats of course if Jeanne Ives takes your phone call.
Jim McMahon October 24, 2012 at 05:30 PM
Equal pay and different positions in government have nothing to do with equality. If you think more women should hold these higher paying jobs that's a separate issue.
Mark Kmiecik October 25, 2012 at 05:48 AM
Find out more here, City salaries, Administrators Salaries, Political contributions...etc More useful more information on all those who get public monies in the state of Illinois. Complements of Adam Andrzejewski and For the good Illinois organization. http://www.openthebooks.com/ PS look up Milton township salaries and see what part time work pays at the township of Milton.
Meredith Horn December 03, 2012 at 04:29 PM
Then I'll say it. Why aren't more of these higher paying positions filled by women? Don't tell me there are no qualified women to choose from. I do research that involves working with many local governments (over 50 suburban communities in the last 20 years) and they seem to find qualified women for comparable positions. It is a disgrace. But, it is women who deserve most of the blame as they should be outraged and at city hall raising a stink. You can't expect to be given positions you are qualified for, you have to fight for them tooth and nail.
Wheaton Watcher September 13, 2013 at 07:49 PM
None of the highest are Chinese. Or Black. Or Gay. Or Native American. Maybe the city should fire everyone, and hire only gay women of color. That should even everything out.


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