10 Highest Paid Wheaton Park District Employees

The following information on the highest paid park district employees was obtained from the Wheaton Park District website.

Salary and benefit information for public employees is public record. We post this information because we think it will be of interest to our readers, many of whom are Wheaton residents and taxpayers who foot the bill.

Through the rest of the year, Wheaton Patch will regularly post the highest paid individuals from Wheaton's remaining taxing bodies: City of Wheaton, Wheaton Public Library, and the Community Unit School District 200.

We have already posted:

  • 20 Highest Paid Teachers in District 200

The following information was posted in January to the Wheaton Park District website. This table excludes the Golf Course Superintendent listed on the website, who is no longer with the park district.

Name/Position Salary IMRF FICA Sick Payout Total compensation Sick Days Granted Vacation Days Granted *Michael Benard, Executive Director
$113,404 $12,622 $8,675 $2,399 $174,318 12 20 Rita Trainor, Director of Finance $120,000 $13,356 $9,180 $404 $142,940 12 25 Larry Bower, Superintendent, Parks & Planning $95,901 $10,674 $7,336 $2,149 $116,060 12 25 Andrew Bendy, Special Facilities Director $95,615 $10,642 $7,315 $1,622 $115,194 12 20 Steve Glass, Food & Beverage Director $93,000 $10,351 $7,114 $0 $110,465 12 16 MaryBeth Cleary, Director of Recreation $86,543 $9,632 $6,621 $0 $102,796 12 25 **Bruce Stoller, Golf Ops Superintendent $80,121 $8,917 $6,129 $1,831 $102,592 12 20 Rob Sperl, Director of Planning $83,947 $9,343 $6,422 $1,876 $101,588 12 20 Danielle Salerno, Director of Catering and Banquets $$80,652 $8,977 $6,170 $0 $95,798 12 20 Alan Pirhofer, Executive Chef $80,223 $8,929 $6,137 $0 $95,289 12 14

*Note: Michael Benard also receives a $36,000 housing allowance and a $1,218 car allowance.

**Note: Bruce Stoller also receives $13,383 for golf lessons.

There are 13 additional full time employees of the Wheaton Park District listed on the website. Three of the employees make more than $92,000. Six of the employees make more than $85,000. Four of the employees make more than $75,000. The 67 employees not listed make less than $75,000.

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JanS October 18, 2012 at 04:48 AM
openthebooks.com is a website with salaries and pensions for public employees in Illinois. It is eye-opening!
Wheaton Watcher October 19, 2012 at 12:26 AM
Charlotte, in the interest of fairness, maybe ou should publish the average, or lowest salaries as well. Maybe compare a private sector salary with similar responsibilites (direct reports, etc). Many in the private sector with similar responsibilities make much, much more and often run unprofitable business on their investor's dime. I think there is an expectation out there, that public employees should work for free, or better yet, make a donation for the priviledge. I think unbalanced posts like this are inflammatory and one sided. I agree there is waste in government. However, showing disrespect to public employees who dedicate their lives and work hard is less than fair. It is bad enough these people will have to endure the quizzical looks of their neighbors. My father for instance worked as a police officer for a large city in West Michigan for an entire career. He retired in the 1990s. The best paying year head had while working was in the low $ 40,000s. He risked his life, watched people commit suicide before his eyes. Some of the well paid people in your lists probably worked long hours, dealt with difficult kids, jealous residents, what ever and the best we can do is publish unbalanced "tell all" posts. I think Wheaton can do better than tha.
Charlotte Eriksen October 19, 2012 at 01:09 AM
Thanks, Wheaton Watcher. I didn't write anything about a "waste in government." I don't think that. I know people on this list and on the District 200 teacher list—I know they work insane hours, deal with difficult people and as top employees, often perform tasks well below their pay grade. I don't know anyone who thinks public employees should work for free. I have a huge amount of respect for these people and other public employees. I understand your point and can relate to it. Thanks for your feedback, WW.
Mark Johnson November 14, 2012 at 08:55 PM
Here are the top 20 listings for the Wheaton Park District from Openthebooks.com. 2005 Robinson Robert G $181,321.34 2006 Robinson Robert G $167,953.67 2004 Dunsmuir Robert J $163,104.68 2003 Dunsmuir Robert J $158,573.38 2011 Benard Michael J $153,021.16 2010 Benard Michael J $151,124.14 2005 Morrill Raymond W $149,891.63 2002 Dunsmuir Robert J $149,347.70 2009 Benard Michael J $146,856.15 2005 Kutska Kenneth S $145,928.81 2004 Morrill Raymond W $143,580.05 2004 Kutska Kenneth S $139,805.77 2008 Benard Michael J $138,208.69 2003 Morrill Raymond W $138,038.82 2003 Kutska Kenneth S $134,305.62 2002 Morrill Raymond W $127,651.26 2001 Dunsmuir Robert J $124,351.57 2002 Kutska Kenneth S $124,177.08 2005 Drogos Peter C $122,216.25 2011 Trainor Rita A $120,403.74
Mark Johnson November 14, 2012 at 09:24 PM
The title of the source document from the author's link is, "Wheaton Park District Compensation Disclosure Posted January, 2012" and the document notes "Disclosure Required per Public Act 097-0609." Thus the Illinois General Assembly passed a law requiring the Park District to post this information on its website. I believe the requirement is to post pay for those employees earning above $75,000. Openthebooks.com does not limit itself to employee pay above $75,000.


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