Wheaton Police Searching for Suspicious Person

A man continues to frequent a bus stop, during one previous occasion he allegedly photographed boys from his car.

The following is a message from the Wheaton Police Department:

Wheaton Police officers are searching for a suspicious person who was reported frequenting a bus stop near the areas of Wexford Circle and Creekside Drive. 

The most recent incident occurred on Wednesday, April 18. The suspect allegedly pulled alongside a teenage boy as he walked to the bus stop, located at Wexford Circle and Creekside Drive, at approximately 7:30 a.m. The suspect did not stop and made no remarks to the boy. 

The same boy stated that prior to the April 18 incident, he observed the same man in December of 2011 taking photographs of the boy and a friend while they were playing outside near the bus stop. The suspect did not speak with the boys and left the area. 

The suspect was observed operating an older teal colored van with silver-colored lower trim. The van is possibly a Honda Odyssey or Toyota Sienna model. The suspect was described as male, possibly Hispanic, approximately 40 years of age with black hair and acne marks on his face. 

The Wheaton Police Department is continuing to investigate. Officers will be on patrol throughout the city searching for the suspect. Area schools have been notified. 

Anyone with information is encouraged to call Detective Division Commander James Volpe at 630-260-2055. 

Anyone who observes suspicious activity should call 9-1-1 immediately. 

Joey April 23, 2012 at 08:47 PM
Alan-If there's an adult taking pictures of children and he does not have permission....Then that is a serious problem!!!!
Alan April 25, 2012 at 01:14 PM
Joey (and anyone else that is not aware...), Geez, can't adults be students as well? The only serious problem here is the people who over-react to a story that really, at least the way it was written, has no merit on describing any wrong-doing. Unless there is a reason where the scene or situation requires or is specifically designated for privacy or private use, e.g., public bathroom, there is nothing unlawful or illegal to take a picture in public of anything or of anyone or of any action. Permission is NOT required from anyone. Like I said earlier, there are a lot of people with cameras out there in our area, in the public, taking pictures and images for any number of reasons that do not require permission. Keep in mind, a bus stop, even with children, is about as public as any place can get. Please refer to this: http://www.legalandrew.com/2007/10/11/photo-law-your-right-to-take-pictures-in-public/ and this: http://digg.com/newsbar/topnews/The_legality_of_taking_photos_in_public and, finally, this: http://photorights.org/faq/is-it-legal-to-take-photos-of-people-without-asking
ANN MARIE April 25, 2012 at 02:10 PM
Hey Alan - you don't have kids do you. It is NOT normal for an adult to drive around taking pictures of kids. Do you have actual proof there is a school assignment for any of the schools that has the kids "running around town" taking pictures? SERIOUSLY dude, Get a clue....IF ANYONE SEES A TEAL / BLUE VAN WITH SILVER TRIM PLEASE CALL DETECTIVE VOLPE AT 630-260-2055 to get this creep off the streets!!!!
Alan April 25, 2012 at 05:46 PM
Ann Marie..., I do have kids. And my kids have kids... My Wife and I were at Shaynes Deli, the French Market, and most of downtown Wheaton this past Saturday through mid afternoon. We saw at least a half a dozen young adults / adults taking a lunch break at Shaynes, all with their cameras, tablets, etc., and discussing their "shots". Separate from that, there was even a "modeling" session we came upon between a female photographer and a female subject going on in the alley behind and near Carlson's Hardware in Wheaton. I do not have actual data related to the specific "assignment", but they were all very much in the public, using their cameras, and taking pictures of the "public". Seriously Dudeness, don't freak out!!!!! More is being made out of this story than anyone can imagine. Nothing wrong happened!!!!!!! Per the story, no laws were broken, or even challenged. Sure, look for the van. It was described as a Japanese made Honda or Toyota van. Does anyone have a clue as to how many of these types of vans actually frequent our schools in this area? Twice a day?? Every day??? Given all this, how many "suspects" could there really be? two? five? ten? twenty???? How can you possibly call someone a "creep" who is "running around town" taking pictures of the public in the public?!?!?! Do some reading, and maybe get a hold of some professional assistance to help you work your way through this.
kate November 05, 2012 at 11:06 PM
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