Theft "Crew" Steals $750 in Electronics From Wheaton Store

Police say the group of reported thieves have stolen from the Wheaton, St. Charles and Naperville Target stores in the past month.

A group of men have been stealing electronics from the Wheaton, St. Charles and Naperville Target stores during the past month, a store employee reported to Wheaton police after the crew stole $750 in electronics from the Wheaton store, 601 County Farm Road, around 11:50 a.m. Thursday, Apr. 5.

A store employee told police the crew typically consists of about four males in their early 20s. They enter the store together and go to the electronics department to take merchandise. They then split up and walk to a dressing room, or a "remote" part of the store, to remove the item from its packaging before leaving the store without paying, according to the police report.

Meanwhile, half of the crew act as "lookouts" by the store entrance, police said. When they spot security, they start to "casually whistle," alerting their partners to discard the objects. Store employees then find the packaging—or the objects—on the floor of the dressing rooms or in the remote area of the store, police said.

Wheaton Deputy Police Chief Tom Meloni said Monday police have not yet arrested anyone for the theft.


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