Police ID Warrenville Woman as 'Jane Doe' Held for 22 Days in Minnesota Jail

She now appears with photo and name 'Tammy Anquinette Thomas' on jail's online roster.

Jane Doe, a woman who wouldn't give authorities in Fridley, MN, her real name or allow jailers to take her photo or fingerprints, has relented after more than three weeks, and identified herself as Tammy Anquinette Thomas of Warrenville.

Suspected of burglary in Fridley, authorities with burglary and possession of a stolen car.

"She did go through the booking process yesterday at about 12:30 p.m.," Fridley Police Lt. Mike Monsrud said Thursday. "She allowed them to take her photo and fingerprints, but that was about it."

The Anoka County Jail online inmate roster for the first time shows her in a pair of booking photos.

Her listed name changed from last week after police were able to use to trace her to arrest records in DuPage County.

Her next court date in Anoka is Aug. 8, but she also has another court date. DuPage County shows an Aug. 14 court date for Tammy A. Thomas in Wheaton for charges of driving without insurance and with a suspended license. (See PDF attached to this article.)

According to information in the records, Thomas spent her birthday in Anoka County Jail on July 11, two days after her arrest in Fridley.

Anoka County now has her listed under a slightly different name: Tammy Anquinette Thomas.

By refusing to cooperate with booking procedures for 22 days, Thomas . Now that she has cooperated with the booking process, Monsrud said, she could join the general jail population.

Thomas faces , and , after Fridley where they said she had draped the windows, hung a shower curtain and installed crown moulding.

Thomas is also jailed under a for refusing to give a judge her real name.

Monsrud said that doesn't mean she'll be getting a trip back home from law enforcement:

They will not transport her to Illinois for that hearing. They will normally require her to be transported there after she is done with her jail time here to answer to those charges, and that is only if Illinois will extradite her on those charges, which they normally do not do for minor traffic related charges.


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