OMG PD: How Low Some Thieves Will Go; Hum Along to The Graffiti

Here is a roundup of this week's more interesting police reports from the area.


Someone Takes—Not Makes—Donation

Donation jars. You see them near cash registers everywhere. Usually, with the jar is a cute photo of a sick, adorable child smiling at you. A (insert expletive here) person took a Muscular Dystrophy Association from the front counter of the BP, 339 Roosevelt Rd., police said. The theft was reported at 10:32 a.m. July 25.


Motown-inspired Stop Sign Graffiti

Someone July 27 to draw a face on a garage door and the phrase “In the name of love” underneath the word “Stop” on a stop sign at the Acadia on the Green, 945 Burlington Ave., Downers Grove. OK, if you of a certain age, a particular song now will be stuck in your head today.


When One TV Is Not Enough

Walmart, 150 Smith Rd., St Charles reported of two 46-inch televisions, a 40-inch television and a surround-sound system at 9:56 p.m. July 27. The get-away vehicle was a Lexus. Store employees told police a man loaded the items into a shopping cart, paused to send a text message and left the store without paying for the items. A store employee told police he followed the man outside and asked him for a receipt as he was loading the items into a 2005 or later black Lexus sport utility vehicle. The man said the receipt was on the seat of the car, and when he entered the passenger side of the vehicle, the SUV sped off. The items were valued at $2,500.


How Did That Get Here?

Elmhurst police solved a mystery . A resident on the 300 block of west Van Buren reported that someone had entered an unlocked garage and took a bike between July 25-27. The homeowner also told police on July 26 that a parked vehicle was blocking his driveway. Police found the owner of the vehicle who told officers he had been “highly intoxicated” and left the vehicle. While at the man’s residence, police found the missing bike. The man said he had no recollection of going into the garage, and figured he must have taken the bike in order to get home. The man, who was not listed in the report, was cited for theft.


Suspicious Underwear Disappearance

Five pairs of were reported removed from a dryer at 8:43 p.m. July 22 at Lorlyn Apartments, 1056 Lorlyn Circle. The incident was considered suspicious, according to the police report.


OUCH! Cyclist Loses Out to Car

It's said that "dog bites man" isn't news, but qualifies.

In a similar way, when a car hits a bicyclist, the usual result is a ticket—and maybe a lawsuit—against the driver of the motor vehicle. An unusual case found in this week's Geneva police reports is closer to the "man bites dog" variety, because police say the injured bicyclist was the one at fault.

And the cyclist admits it.

According to Geneva reports, the left side of a Trek 7500 mountain bicycle riden by Kelleen Bodine, 46, of Geneva was struck by a Toyota Corolla driven by Idy Spezzano, 42, of Geneva around 8:40 a.m. July 26 at the intersection of Batavia Avenue (Route 31) and Fargo Boulevard.

Bodine was riding north along the east side of Batavia Avenue, south of Fargo Boulevard, and Spezzano was driving on Fargo Boulevard in the eastbound lane, approaching Batavia Avenue, when Bodine began crossing four lanes of traffic on Batavia Avenue to turn left (west) onto Fargo.

Bodine admitted to police—and witnesses concurred—that she cut the corner prematurely. Spezzano proceeded to turn right and did not see the bike approaching as it cut across the four lanes, reports said.

Bodine sustained an abrasion on her left elbow after falling from her bicycle, reports said.

She was issued a warning notice for an improper lane turn.

People Amaze Me August 04, 2012 at 01:48 PM
Thank you Ms. Bodine-as I have said over and over-a large number of bicyclists creat their own problems; getting hit by a car, getting bruised, running through stop signs, red lights, cutting in front of a car because they did not plan for a turn-and the car driver gets the blame-when the bicyclist didn't use proper judgement riding a bike-thank you for saying you were at fault-
Joseph Richard snodgrass August 04, 2012 at 03:09 PM
omg pd is right
Trig August 04, 2012 at 05:51 PM
I think anytime someone acknowledges that they were at fault, it goes a long way toward mitigating anger. Whenever a car nearly clobbers me in a crosswalk, if the driver at least gives a little 'sorry' wave - I'm okay with it.
Erik Bloecks August 05, 2012 at 04:07 PM
We also need to included joggers and pedestrians creating their own problems too. Numerous time traveling in the suburbs JOggers are in the middle of the street 4-5 wide, or pedesterians run out from in between parked cars ingoring traffic.


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