Man Shot By Off-Duty Officer in Wheaton Claims Self-Defense

A 19-year-old Hoffman Estates man faces charges of home invasion and aggravated battery following an October incident in unincorporated Wheaton.

The man wants to claim self-defense at his .

The attorney for Kerin Ramirez, who is charged with home invasion in the 2011 incident, states in court records that his client was "unarmed and highly intoxicated" at the time he scuffled with the Wood Dale police officer in his home near Wheaton.

The officer shot Ramirez in the stomach during the altercation. A judge on March 1 denied Ramirez's request to see disciplinary records for a neighbor, a retired DuPage County sheriff's deputy, who joined the fight with Ramirez. A March 20 hearing was set to determine whether Ramirez can claim self defense.

According to reports, on Saturday Sept. 24  and found an intruder in his home, 1N224 Papworth Street. A fight ensued with the intruder and after the homeowner identified himself as a police officer the intruder, allegedly Ramirez, refused to leave and the homeowner shot him in the stomach.

Initial reports suggest that Ramirez was intoxicated during the altercation. Patch previously  after the incident who said officers were inquiring about parties the night before the fight.

robert love March 07, 2012 at 05:19 PM
What a joke. Because the law does not protect the victims all home invaders should be shot and killed
alex vargas May 07, 2012 at 02:45 AM
he was actually drunk (completely blacked out) and entered the wrong house trying to return to the party.... if this off duty cop was actually trained he would have shot him in the leg or somewhere else and not tried to kill him.... MOUSE: You cant talk about RIGHTS if you have no idea how a fair trial works.. no man has the right to try and kill another person... there is two sides to every story and if youv only heard one i can tell you about the other buddy
Sara May 10, 2012 at 07:40 AM
I know the cout system very well in wheat lol . Regardless of wrong or right Kerin was highly drunk and underage this is about a young men that has to learn accountability and understand that actions have reactions . I feel bad for him yes I agree he should not of got shot in the stomach . But over all this is a cops home not only his home but his familys home the cop had to protect his home and his family . If Kerin was super drunk and blacked out why did he put up a flight ?? When you are very drunk and all most about to black out you have no energy to fight . As wrong as the cop may be Kerin in was all so wrong and there needs to be some punishment . That said I hope he gets a fair case .
A Friend May 17, 2012 at 02:45 PM
Yes he is guilty of drinking, yes he is guilty of entering the wrong house, and I'll even go as far as to say it was understandable the cop shot him. However, he does not deserve to be locked up in jail for 9 months treated worse than drug dealers and sex offenders. He made a mistake, nearly paid with his life. He is not a criminal. BTW, how is it 2 officers trained in taking down assailants, could not contain a 150 pound intoxicated man and ended up having to shoot him????
Concerned citizen February 26, 2013 at 08:01 PM
Let's just be very. Clear! A unknown male enters a house of a family at night. He is not invited or known to this family and the father defends his life and the lives of his family fearing they can be killed. The offender is shot and the media wants to suspect the officer of overstepping his authority. In illinois if a private citizen does this exact action, he is justified but a off duty police officer in his own home is suspect. This sounds like home invasion or burglary in its simplistic form. Did the officer think it was a person whom he had arrested in the past looking for a little payback. I would think this first before ever thinking it was a simple drunk guy looking for a party he got lost from. Come on people! People are always being deprived for their freedoms and liberties by scum who pretend to not know better or claim it was a accedent, come to my home in this manor and see how many accidents happen to you! As for his being locked up for 9 months. Realize his sentence was based on his previous criminal history also. No one but the criminal justice system and the intruder actually know his criminal past. He was not sent to jail for that length of time only for this incident. Mistakes like this don't happen to average citizens. But they have a tendency th happen to scum bags like this guy. Enough of the excuses. He got what he deserves for what he did. Leave the officer alone.


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