BGA Investigation Reports On DuPage County Sheriff's Son Acting as Cop

A Better Government Association report states that Zaruba's teenage son 'played cop' during ride-alongs and even chased down a suspect in 2011.

Footage from a squad-car camera shows DuPage County Sheriff John Zaruba's then-18-year-old son chasing down a suspect during a ride-along last year, according to a recent report.

According to an investigation led by the Better Government Association, Zaruba's teenage song was "allowed to play cop." During the April 2011 foot chase, video footage shows the teen wearing a jacket with the word "sheriff" printed on the back, the BGA says.

Sources told the BGA that Patrick Zaruba, a Wheaton Warrenville South High School graduate, tagged along on "dozens of ride-alongs." The BGA said they consulted legal experts for the investigation and one Chicago professor thought the particular incident caught on tape could be viewed as impersonating an officer. 

BGA investigator Andrew Schroedter told CBS Chicago news that Patrick wore a Kevlar vest and even carried pepper spray, at times.  

For more on this report, click here for the BGA's full investigation.


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