Coyotes in the Western Suburbs Get More Aggressive?

The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that a pack broke a door trying to get at dogs in suburban Riverside.

By Dawn Aulet, Channahon-Minooka Patch

Coyotes are timid and more afraid of people than we are of them, experts say.

"Coyotes are actually very timid by nature," Channahon police Lt. Mark Fischer said in a 2010 story.

But while they are not aggressive towards people, they can go after small animals, especially if food is scarce. That seems to be exactly what happened in Riverside, a western suburb of Chicago. The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that a pack broke an exterior door of a residence while chasing down a dog that had been outside.

Riverside Police Sgt Bill Gutschick said in the Sun-Times story "in his 25 years on duty, this was the first time he’s heard of coyotes trying to get into a home while chasing a pet."


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