The Ice Cream Van—Nostalgic Treat or Noise Pollution?

Here are links to a few of this week's columns from some of our west suburban Patch sites.

Andrea Knudsen, from :

I rarely was allowed to partake in ice cream truck offerings as a kid. Likewise, my kids already know the answer when they hear that blaring electronic muzak, and that answer is “no.” It’s “no” because the “ice cream” is overpriced junk, and I’m nothing if not an ice cream snob. I also refuse to submit to a treat before dinner or a second dessert just because a shady-looking van drives by.

(The column prompted 53 comments from readers.)

Tina Tuszynski, from :

Raw foodists believe that living food in an uncooked state is the most nutritious food for our body. Cooking anything above a temperature of 104 to 118 degrees Farenheit is believed to destroy important enzymes, according to the raw food theory. Higher heats can also cause the formation of harmful chemical compounds, such as HCA's (heterocyclic amines) and glycation.

There are many different types of raw foodists, but a large percentage are typically vegan or vegetarian. Benefits of this type of alternative eating include less inflammation in the body, more energy, a vibrant, youthful appearance and less chance of disease.

Tony Cesare, from :

I’m a mama’s boy.

Unabashed, unashamed.

The great poet and philosopher Mr. T once said "Any boy who don’t love his mama ain’t no friend of mine." I’m not sure if he pitied the fool who didn’t love his mama, but my guess is he did (the man has no time for your jibba jabba). Regardless, if Mr. T can admit he’s a mama’s boy, why wouldn’t I?


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