political calls

it's the time of year that every few hours, sometimes minutes depending on the time, the phone rings, usually just as you sit down for dinner or just as you take your first bite of food…you answer it and it's a recording from one of the political figures that are running for some type of office.
It amazes me that no one ever hears from these individuals during their term in office but, damn when it comes to elections and sucking up to the people, well this is the time of year. 
may I give you politicians some advise? Let's start with something very simple…stop fricking calling during my dinner, you weren't invited to dinner so stop interrupting mine. Next, try communicating to the people during your term, not on Facebook or some news release, or when you want the peoples vote, but come out from behind your desk and meet with the people, face to face. 
Stop slamming those that are running against you, throwing dirt makes you look just as bad and guilty of something, tell the people what you have done for us [with proof]. Stop saying what you're going to do for the people and do something, simple if you talk the talk do the walk…
Now carefully answer this, "how would you like it if everyone in your district called you during your dinner?" you wouldn't so I'm begging you stop interrupting mine….
jim "pops" Myrick 


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