Patch on Parenting: From Piano Lessons to PTA and Pools

Our columnists have families and that informs their work.

"My daughter started piano lessons at the age of 4, when she resembled an American Girl doll in feature and stature.  Two years later, my son joined in and I had the pleasure of watching a boy the size of a small watermelon play a Prius-sized piano." Paulette Delcourt explores the joy providing .

Some PTAs are more successful than others at raising money to buy techology for their schools. Andrea Knudsen wonders what a school district should do, to .

When tragedy occurs, in your family or on the news, what do you tell your children? Genene Murphy considers the question, should we as much as we can?

Summer's on the way. That means , new bikinis, and the prospect of delightful days in grandma's Florida pool. For Kristi Gilbert and her little girl, life is full of promise.

How do you define "wellness"? Tina Tuszynski believes the answer is different for each individual, but the key is to .


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