Parents, Make Summer Count

Enroll your kids in the library's summer programs.

Do you think maybe your children will have time on their hands this summer? Often the vacation period ends up as an educational void, unless of course something like summer school is planned. Arne Duncan, the U.S. Secretary of Education thinks something should be done about this.

“We know that for far too many children, reading achievement stalls when schoolwork stops for the summer," explained Duncan in a statement listed on the Education Department website. "The key to stopping summer learning loss is reading. If a child reads a minimum of five books between June and August, they will be on track for success next school year.”

 The offers a wonderful summer reading program called A Midsummer's Night Read.” The program runs from June 1 to August 15 and includes age groups from small children to young adults. Participants will earn prizes at various levels of achievement. Register in person or online.

The Glen Ellyn Library supports national summer reading initiatives with a variety of programs including book discussions, literature-sharing activities and minutes read for prizes. The best motivation for reading, of course, comes from the interest of another person. For this the library offers a special program called, “Book Buddies.”

We match a middle school student with a reader age four to grade five. Each week at a mutually chosen time the paired students choose the books they want to share and pick a comfortable location in the Youth Department. For 30 minutes they can enjoy reading together. For the younger student it is an opportunity to practice and build a relationship with an older student. For the middle school reader there is the satisfaction that comes from helping others plus having a volunteer experience to add to his resume.

The library has received a grant to facilitate a 'Book Buddies' program for children for whom English is a second language. These volunteers are called “Gold Star Buddies.” They'll come in on Friday afternoons in July from 1:30-3:30. We need more. Please sign up! Book buddies is coordinated by Robin Currie and Ridgeway Burns.

Take advantage of the programs that Glen Ellyn Public Library is offering and maybe you can help your child avoid  the summer learning loss.


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