New Home Unlike Any Other

A local home builder's goal is sustainability in design, systems, and materials without sacrificing comfort and aesthetics.

There is a new "green" home in Glen Ellyn.

On Riford Road overlooking Perry’s Pond, Faganel Builders just completed construction on a 4,200 square-foot, three-story home utilizing extensive “green building” materials and technology.

The home, designed for a family of four, is an energy efficient home with curb appeal that blends well with the collective residential architecture along Riford Road and is good for the environment.

David Faganel took me on a house tour to demonstrate how he rethought traditional home construction, from the ground up.

Three factors form the structure: a smaller yet more functional footprint, improved comfort level for the homeowners, and lower maintenance costs.

“I’m not a ‘greenie,' because this all started for me back in 1991. I wanted to understand how to run a house more affordably while reducing a number of liability factors. I can now lower a home’s energy consumption and test that it is working, utilize consistent building materials and methods, and pump less pollution into the atmosphere and occupants’ lungs,” said Faganel.

Faganel said that he really got into building green during the past few years when new home construction was weak. Even with the current upturn in home construction, he continues both his self-education and the efforts for certification by the National Association of Home Builders, as well as the LEED rating system.

Faganel's work will earn him additional certification points for diverting a significant amount of demolition and new construction debris to a recycling center that separates materials for best reuse.

The home will earn him additional points because of its proximity to public transportation and a public park. It's also good that he selected a site with a backyard pond, which collects storm water run-off.

These improvements will help improve the overall value of the home. Now the National Association of Realtors has their own NARS Green Designation System, which is a new way to help measure a home’s true value.

“Fine home builders must separate their product from “housing stock,” which will always cost less. Sustainable home building is the future. I like to think that my buyers are getting into a house they will be able to afford to operate for years to come,” said Faganel. 

Here are some of the green innovations in this new home:

  • Extensive R-19 cellulose insulation with foam seal in the walls
  • Triple pane windows throughout to capture and maximum passive solar benefits
  • A whole house air circulation system that balances room temperature and incorporates a heater normally rated for a home half the size
  • low-flow faucets and toilets
  • recycled drywall, which now costs no more than first-use drywall
  • Indiana Limestone for exterior details, utilizing a material quarried less than 500 miles from job site
  • Wood floor glues and finishes are water-based, paints are low VOC
  • Driveway is made from recycled asphalt.
Anne September 28, 2011 at 05:31 PM
What is 'green' about 1,050 square feet per person?


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