Letter to the Editor: Vote for Roskam this November

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To the Editor:

The great American job creation machine is stalled.  The headline 8.1 percent unemployment rate, which is “adjusted”, understates the un-adjusted 15 percent U6 unemployment rate.  To get Americans working again, we need to send people like Peter Roskam to Washington. He understands that over-regulation by the Federal government is restraining job growth. Peter Roskam voted for the Red Tape Reduction Act, to help small businesses reduce burdensome regulatory compliance. He is an influential member of the House Ways and Means Committee, responsible for tax reform to help small and large companies become more globally competitive. He knows business owners like me are hesitant to hire when the Federal Government is constantly writing and changing the rules of engagement.

Regulatory compliance costs businesses over $1.7 trillion per year, and it continues to rise. Unelected bureaucrats are determining the winners and losers in the competition for capital as new rules take place across a swath of industries that encompass 70 percent of our economy, including energy, healthcare, financial services, utilities and various industrial companies.  Dodd Frank Financial reform required 398 rulemaking deadlines for which 70 percent have yet to be written. How do you hire anyone when you do not know what the rules are?  Peter Roskam understands that to get people to work, businesses have to invest. To get businesses to invest, you have to remove the paralyzing uncertainty associated with Washington interference. 

The United States has the most productive, innovative and educated labor force in the world, capable of producing world changing products. Peter Roskam understands that to create jobs, government policy should encourage, rather than constrain, America’s small business entrepreneurs.

Please join me in voting for Congressman Peter Roskam this November.



Brad Rosley, CFP September 17, 2012 at 08:59 PM
Greats points Chris. He has my vote.


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