Letter to the Editor: 'Vote for Common Sense, Vote for Roskam'

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The following was submitted by Downers Grove resident William Maurer.

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To the editor:

As the upcoming election approaches, I took time from my busy family and work schedules to dig a bit deeper into what is going on in Washington.  I want to make an informed decision that is not manipulated by the internet, radio or television.  

Have you ever asked yourself, “What are they accomplishing in Washington?” I investigated this question in early August. I sat down at my computer and started to search. I stumbled upon www.opencongress.org, which listed all the bills currently in the House and Senate. Are you ready? There are 6,347 bills in the House of Representatives alone! A quick glance shows bills like the Plant Health Inspection and the Sport Fishing Safety Act. I’m sure these are important, viable bills to many Americans, but in my opinion this is not what we expect from our representatives in Washington.  

I then search for bills that have passed the House of Representatives and one catches my eye with words such as “red tape reduction” and “job creation.”  Now I’m getting somewhere. It seems this bill will eliminate Washington’s governmental agencies from mandating more unnecessary regulations until the unemployment rate is below 6 percent. This sounds like “Common Sense” government. Stop putting costly regulations on American businesses. A closer look shows that both Republican and Democratic congressman voted for the bill. One more click and I find that the congressman running for next year’s 6th Congressional District, Peter Roskam, voted for the bill.  

This year I am voting for candidates that use “Common Sense” to attack real challenges that face Americans, like unemployment. Join me and vote for “Common Sense” government. Vote for Peter Roskam.

William Maurer

Downers Grove, IL

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