Letter to the Editor: Thank You to the Caring Residents of Glen Ellyn

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Property values in Glen Ellyn are soaring! At least they are for our family. Over the past year, our teenage daughter, Genevieve Cipriano, was diagnosed with cancer, went through months of chemo, had her leg and hip amputated and is now recovering and back in school. That is the naked truth, the ugly story and the genesis of my opinion on property values.

Throughout this difficult time this wonderful community cared for our family, kept our spirits up, felt our pain, supported us financially and did so many unbelievably kind things that we are still in awe. There is no way to adequately thank everyone, many of whom we do not know. Money was raised at the schools by the kids and by the teachers. Hundreds of people turned out at the fundraiser at the boathouse on a rainy cold night. Highschool boys came willingly to cut our grass! We are not special people, we are not celebrities, we are just another family in town. But we are so thankful we live in Glen Ellyn with such truly wonderful people. Of course so many other people, including our families and friends, live elsewhere and they supported us equally.

Glen Ellyn and the towns where all of these caring people live can’t possibly have declining property values. The value of our home is immeasurable when you think of the benefits that come with it in these communities. It is not square footage or lot size. It’s not the parks or great restaurants. It is not finished basement or stainless steel appliances that determine value. It’s the people in the community. And because of all of you, we have the most valuable house in the world.

Thank you Glen Ellyn from the bottom of our hearts!

The Cipriano Family


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