Letter: Peter Roskam is 'Well-Equipped to Truly Represent'

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We are living in very precarious times, where selfish desires and attention-seeking behavior seem to take precedence in Washington.  Humility and principled behavior just don’t seem to be qualities many of our public officials possess.  And the consequences are costly on many levels.

The good news is that we are very fortunate here in the 6th Congressional District to be represented in Washington by Peter Roskam.  I am continually impressed with his ability to have an ongoing and genuine conversation with his constituency. Whether in person, during Tele-Town Hall meetings or through his video conversation series ‘Ask Peter’, he is accessible and eager to listen. As a result, he is well-equipped to truly represent us in Congress in a meaningful and effective way. 

Peter also has the exceptional ability to navigate the often-crazy landscape of Washington and then communicate the bottom line back to us in a way that makes sense. You can count on Peter to keep us out of the weeds and stay focused on what’s really important. For example, concerning the nation’s number one priority of job creation, he is not wasting time playing the blame game.  He did his homework on the Ways and Means Committee, rolled up his sleeves and worked hard putting together a plan to stop massive tax hikes on small businesses, reform the tax code and eliminate excessive job-killing regulations. REAL solutions based on REALITY.

To those of you who are new to the 6th Congressional District, I would like to say ‘welcome’ and know that you are well-represented by Peter Roskam in Washington D.C.! He has worked hard to earn your vote in November, and you won’t be disappointed!


Mary Plunkett

Wheaton, IL


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